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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Must-Know Pointers for Every Motorcycle Rider

Whether you ride a Mitsubishi or a Harley, prioritizing your safety whenever you’re on your motorcycle is a must. As you’re probably aware, victims of motorcycle accidents are much more likely to be severely injured or killed in a crash compared to people in passenger vehicles, so there really is no room for a relaxed approach to safety. Novice and veteran riders alike can always benefit from a quick safety tip refresher course, which is exactly what we have prepared here.

10 motorcycle safety tips you should know and follow are:

  1. Get good gear: The only protection you have against severe injury while riding a motorcycle is the gear you choose to wear when you ride. Make certain your gear is not just good but also good for you specifically. Your helmet needs to fit your head correctly. You should also invest in gloves and protective clothing like jeans and a jacket.
  2. Inspect your ride: Sometimes all it takes for a motorcycle accident to happen is a single piece of the ride becomes defective, like a tire or brake failure. Before you ride, even for just a quick trip down the road to the store, inspect your motorcycle for any faults or concerns. Be sure to include a quick brake check in your inspection list because few things are more dangerous than a moving vehicle with no brakes.
  3. Check your route: How are the road and weather ahead looking for your ride? If you don’t know, then you should. Take a minute before heading out to see if there are any traffic troubles that you would do best to avoid. A check of the weather will also let you know if there will be any potential road hazards because of the weather like heavy rain. If the weather is rough, then you should postpone your trip if possible.
  4. Increase your visibility: Being seen is a great way to help other drivers keep away from you and prevent a collision. You should keep your headlight on whenever you ride, even during the day. Wear at least one piece of bright clothing or protective gear, too. A lot of riders like to wear brightly colored helmets because it increases visibility and head protection, not to mention that it is also just fun.
  5. Never speed: An inordinate amount of motorcycle accidents is caused by speeding. What is the best way to avoid speeding? Simply don’t do it! Follow posted speed limits at all times whenever you ride. You also need to adjust your speed based on traffic and weather conditions. If slowing down would improve your safety and everyone else’s, then you should slow down.
  6. Never drink and ride: Another concerning cause of many motorcycle accidents is intoxication. According to some motorcycle accident studies, upwards of 25% of all single-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by intoxication. But this percentage could be even higher with a broader study. Never drink and ride. Only one drink is enough to worsen your reaction time and motor control skills.
  7. Leave room to maneuver: When you ride, keeping a safe zone around you is crucial. You never know when another motorist is going to do something wrong and almost hit you. With room to maneuver in an emergency, you can reduce your chances of being struck. Try to keep space on both sides and in front of you.
  8. Look where you want to go: Just like when you’re riding a bicycle, looking where you want to go is important when riding a motorcycle. Visualizing your path helps ensure that your body and your ride follow that path. Oppositely, fixating on a hazard in the road can increase your risk of steering into it.
  9. Watch for road hazards: Speaking of hazards on the road, you should always keep an eye out for them. A little bit of dirt, debris, mud, or ice on the road is all it takes sometimes to throw a motorcyclist onto the asphalt.
  10. Refresh your riding skills: Every few years – or more often if you think it will help – you should take a motorcycle basics and safety refresher course. Check local riding groups and organizations to see if they host such courses, which they often do.

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