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Sharing the Road: How Cars and Trucks Can Drive Safely By Avoiding Common Mistakes

Sharing the Road: How Cars and Trucks Can Drive Safely By Avoiding Common Mistakes

Every year numerous crashes happen between tractor-trailer trucks and cars throughout Marietta, Georgia, and the United States. Sometimes these accidents simply cannot be avoided; however, other times these wrecks happen due to poor decisions made by the drivers of passenger vehicles and truckers alike.

So how can both passenger car drivers and truck drivers drive more safely and avoid accidents? We have laid out some helpful dos and don’ts to help both parties share the road and cut down on collisions.

The Dos and Don’ts for Car Drivers

Passenger vehicle drivers should stick with these tips to stay safe when driving with trucks:

  • DON’T cut in front of heavy commercial trucks. Because a large truck requires more time to come to a complete stop, this decision can cause a rear-end accident.
  • DON’T try to pass a truck on the right while the truck is turning right. Always remember that big trucks make big turns. Because trucks swing out wide to turn right, drivers of passenger vehicles can get crushed with the truck’s rear wheels.
  • DON’T stay in a truck’s blind spots. Large trucks have large blind spots or “no zones.” Drivers need to either stay behind trucks, slow down, or accelerate to pass them safely. Truckers can only see you if you can see their side mirrors.
  • DO give them room to drive. Tailgating a truck or other large vehicle is unsafe and puts your directly in their blind spot. Not only that, but if the truck suddenly has to stop and you cannot stop in time or someone hits you from behind, your car could slide underneath the truck.
  • DO drive patiently. It can be tempting to want to honk or zoom around trucks that are driving slower than you wish, however, this won’t help anyone. Oftentimes since trucks have strict regulations they must abide by, their trucks have speed limiters installed, which means they can’t speed up even if they wanted to. If anything, by driving aggressively it could cause an accident.

The Dos and Don’ts for Truck Drivers

Additionally, truck drivers should stick with these safety tips to avoid accidents:

  • DON’T follow cars too closely. It is important to leave a good amount of space between the semi-truck and the smaller vehicle in front of the truck. Truck drivers need to keep their distance and maintain a safe speed to avoid rear-ending cars.
  • DO take mandated rests. Many truck drivers do not get enough sleep, which can lead to drowsy driving and accidents with innocent motorists. Not only is it dangerous but it is also unlawful for truckers to drive longer hours than they should, which is a direct violation of their trucking regulations.
  • DO slow down in work zones. Many truckers do not slow down enough when going through construction zones. According to Road Safe America, this causes about one-third of work zone fatalities.

When Accidents Happen

Even though a lot of these tips seem like common sense, accidents still happen between cars and trucks all the time. Whether a driver was breaking the law, driving recklessly, or failing to share the road, collisions between cars and trucks can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a trucking accident, you may have rights to compensation.

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