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What Can I Expect When Filing a Car Accident Case?

What Can I Expect When Filing a Car Accident Case?

Following a car accident, it’s imperative to file a car accident lawsuit. However, many avoid doing so because they are unsure of what to expect and they wonder if it’s worth it. Not knowing what to expect shouldn’t deter you from pursuing the justice and compensation you need when someone else causes you harm.

Because we fully understand that filing a car accident claim can be complex, we want to help ease you into the situation. Below, you’ll learn more about the steps that come with filing a lawsuit so you can be prepared at every stage.

What Happens at Each Step of the Lawsuit?

  • Filing your initial insurance claim: When you’re involved in an accident, you want to report it to your insurance company to start the process of pursuing compensation. If someone else caused your accident, their insurance company will be involved.
  • Potential denial of your claim: Because many insurance companies are looking after their own profits, your claim may be wrongfully denied. This means you have to go through legal means to get compensation.
  • Filing a lawsuit: If you deserve compensation and your claim is denied, you can file a lawsuit against the negligent party and his or her insurance company.
  • Motion to dismiss: The defendant may try and file a motion to dismiss the case entirely. They’re trying to save money by getting the case removed, as well as delay your potential case, increasing your need for settlement money.
  • Discovery process: During discovery, the lawyers of both parties will be present to exchange documents, photographs, and other evidence, including testimonies. It’s often at this stage that many cases settle because one side sees overwhelming evidence from the other.
  • Settlement offer: If your legal team can present enough evidence to prove you have a case, the insurance may offer a settlement. Be sure to speak with your legal team before accepting the offer though, as it may be less than adequate, and you may be able to pursue maximum compensation through trial.
  • Moving to trial: Accepting the settlement forfeits your right to continue with the lawsuit. However, if you deny the settlement, you may go through the trial process to pursue compensation. You must prove negligence and liability in front of a jury to hold the defendant accountable.

At The Kalka Law Group, our Atlanta car accident attorneys are ready and willing to help you through the entire process. Let us be your guides and pursue the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf.

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