After a car accident, you need to go through insurance companies to pursue compensation. However, they’re not always honest with you during the process, and it’s important to understand where issues may arise. Unfortunately, there are a few things the insurance company won’t tell you, and it’s vital to have legal team on your side.

You Can Have An Attorney For The Recorded Statement

The insurance company often requests you provide them with a recorded statement regarding the accident. They try to get by without you knowing your rights in this situation, but you’re allowed to have your lawyer to help you with this phase. The insurance provider doesn’t want you to have your lawyer, because they often try to take advantage of this situation.

You Don’t Have To Accept The Initial Settlement

The insurance company may offer you an initial settlement and tell you that’s it. They don’t want you to negotiate the settlement, so they’ll lead you to believe if you don’t accept it, you won’t be able to get anything. This is not true, and it’s important to have a lawyer help you understand if the settlement is sufficient enough for your needs.

They Already Have Answers To Your Questions

The insurance company has heard your statement, that of their own policyholder, witnesses, and more. They often have a clear idea of liability after their investigation, but they may try to ask additional questions simply to get you to say something that contradicts your initial claim. Be careful when answering questions.

They Don’t Have To Settle Immediately

When you file a claim, the insurance company doesn’t have to settle immediately. They may try, instead, to delay the offer and process as much as possible, hoping that your need for money continues to grow. They want you to accept whatever they give in hopes of you not pursuing additional compensation.

You Have A Case Until Proven Otherwise

Liability is one of the biggest factors in pursuing compensation, and the insurance company may try anything they can to turn liability in their favor. Just because they say they are not liable, however, doesn’t mean the case has been proven. If this is the case, your legal team can still work to protect your rights.

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