After a collision in inclement weather, you may hesitate to file a claim against the other party because you’re unsure of how to hold them responsible. You may think that the rain was the sole cause of the crash and that you must go through your own insurance company.

Unfortunately, failing to file a claim can be a big mistake. You may lose out on beneficial compensation because of your oversights. Instead, you should recognize what negligence may still exist in a crash when terrible weather is present.


When it’s raining, speeding does not just mean going above the posted speed limits. You may see some drivers going too fast for the conditions. Speeding is especially problematic when other drivers are slowing down to stay safe in inclement weather.

If someone is speeding in the rain, they can easily lose control of their vehicle or find it challenging to brake suddenly. Speeding is one of the top causes of accidents, and it’s easy to understand how the rain and other terrible weather conditions heighten the dangers.


You may feel as though you’re driving safely and slowly, but if there’s another driver following you closely, it can feel overwhelming. When someone is driving too close, they may find it difficult to stop when approaching traffic suddenly. Tailgating is one of the most common causes of rear-end accidents.

You must give drivers enough time to stop safely. Any time tailgating occurs, plenty of drivers are in harm’s way. When you factor in less-than-ideal weather, there’s even more cause for concern.

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