On February 21, 2015, a woman and two children were traveling in an SUV on US-15 through Williamsport, Pennsylvania when a tractor trailer hit their vehicle from behind. The truck was driving too fast considering the snowy road conditions, causing them to rear-end the SUV and push them two hundred feet down an embankment. Two of the passengers in the SUV had to be extricated from the car, as they could not exit by conventional means. The woman and both children in the SUV all received minor injuries. In addition, the driver of the truck received multiple citations, including one for driving unsafely.

Attorney Kalka from The Kalka Law Group is currently representing the family in this injury case. Our team prides themselves having a 24-48 hour rapid response time from the moment we get in touch with a client. Especially in truck accident cases, action must be taken immediately before the truck is placed back on the road. As soon as the truck’s axle turns, the truck’s black box data is completely erased.

Knowing that action must be taken quickly before this information is lost, Attorney Kalka and a team of experts personally flew up to Philadelphia, PA to inspect the truck before it was repaired and placed back in service. They downloaded the truck’s black box data to properly document the speed of the truck at the time of the collision. Recovering this information, along with the year, make and model of the truck, is imperative in these types of situations.

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