After an accident, there can be immense impacts on your health and well-being, not just physically, but mentally as well. Your career may be impacted, your quality of life, your future job prospects, and even your relationships with family members. Pursuing a settlement that includes pain and suffering can be a complicated undertaking – but partnering with a law firm like The Kalka Law Group can increase your chance at a settlement that includes quantification for all aspects of your injuries.

According to the pain and suffering settlement examples in Georgia listed on this page, the typical accident settlement is anywhere from $100,000 to $2,250,000. We’ve also seen settlements go for $11 million or more. Settlements depend greatly on the unique circumstances of each case, which is why there is no accurate average pain and suffering settlement amount in Georgia.

Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount Examples in Georgia from Kalka Law Firm

The following examples are actual cases that were settled by the expert legal team at the Kalka Law Firm. Some of these may include emotional distress settlement amounts in Georgia.

Georgia Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount: $2,250,000 – Charter Bus Accident With Severe Injuries

While traveling southbound on I-75 in Marietta, our client was involved in a multi-vehicle accident caused by a charter bus that failed to notice slowing traffic. The collision resulted in severe injuries to our client’s neck, back, and ankle, necessitating cervical and lumbar spine fusions and preventing him from returning to work. Attorney Kalka’s thorough investigation revealed that the bus company had a history of safety violations, which played a role in the accident. Despite the company’s denial of responsibility, Attorney Kalka successfully negotiated a $2.25 million settlement to compensate our client for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium for his wife.

Georgia Pain & Suffering Settlement Amount: $1,000,000 – Truck Driver Negligence Leads to Severe Facial Fractures

On I-85, a tow truck driver attempted to make a U-turn from the center lane under a bridge. This U-turn was illegal and led to a collision with our client’s vehicle in the far left lane. Unable to complete the turn in time, the tow truck struck the back of our client’s car, causing it to overturn onto the median. Our client sustained significant injuries, including facial fractures, a broken jaw, multiple lost teeth, and required reconstructive surgery.

The tow truck company’s insurance initially denied liability, claiming the driver used emergency lights and signaled the turn. However, Attorneys Tony Kalka and Matthew Broun of The Kalka Law Group investigated and discovered the lights were aftermarket and non-compliant with regulations. They argued that this negligence contributed to the accident and ultimately secured a $1 million settlement for our client. This settlement covered past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other associated costs.

Georgia Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount: $1,000,000 – Neck, Back and Shoulder Injuries caused by Negligent Driver Accident

In a January 2015 car accident, our client was rear-ended by a negligent driver, resulting in injuries to her neck, back, and shoulders. While initially treated with pain medication and released from the hospital, her symptoms persisted. She subsequently sought further care from a chiropractor and a spinal wellness center.

Attorney Broun diligently pursued a legal strategy that secured a $100,000 settlement for his client. This settlement compensated her for past and future medical expenses, the pain and suffering she endured, and additional punitive damages awarded due to the driver’s negligence.

Georgia Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount: $100,000 – Rear-End Accident Results in Serious Ankle Injuries

While riding as a passenger in a car turning left into a driveway on Flat Shoals Road in Dekalb County, our client was involved in a sudden rear-end collision. The driver of the other vehicle had been following too closely and was not focused on the road, leading to the impact. The passenger sustained a significant ankle injury, necessitating reconstructive surgery. Attorney Owings of The Kalka Law Group recognized the other driver’s negligence and successfully recovered a $100,000 settlement to cover the costs of pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other related damages.

Georgia Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount: $100,000 – Motorcyclist Suffers Multiple Fractures Due to Side Swipe Accident

Attorney Owings of The Kalka Law Group represented a motorcyclist who was significantly injured when another driver improperly changed lanes, causing a collision. The motorcyclist sustained multiple injuries, including abrasions, broken ribs, a fractured scapula, and a left femoral fracture requiring invasive surgery. This surgery resulted in a permanent limp and limitations on his ability to perform certain activities. Attorney Owings successfully demonstrated the other driver’s fault through accident reconstruction, expert witness testimony, and overhead drone footage. She recovered a $100,000 settlement for her client to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages, aiming to mitigate the financial and personal impact of the accident.

Georgia Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount: $350,000 – Serious Neck & Back Injuries from Rear-End Accident

While driving north on Highway 211, our client prepared to turn left onto Dee Kennedy Road. She was in the far left lane when her vehicle was struck from behind by another car. An investigation determined that the other driver had been following too closely and was unable to stop in time, resulting in fault being assigned to them.

Following the collision, our client experienced significant neck and back pain. This required multiple medical consultations, including specialists, and ultimately led to two surgeries to address the persistent pain. The Kalka Law Group accepted the case and, through careful analysis of police reports and other evidence, was able to establish the other driver’s responsibility for the rear-end accident.

Their efforts resulted in a $350,000 settlement for our client, which will cover her past, present, and anticipated future medical expenses, as well as provide compensation for the pain and suffering she has endured as a result of her injuries.

Georgia Pain & Suffering Settlement Amount: $199,000 – Pedestrian Suffers Fractures After Being Hit by MARTA Bus

Walking through a marked crosswalk, our client’s life took a sudden turn. A MARTA bus, failing to yield the right of way, turned directly into her path, causing a collision that resulted in brief unconsciousness. She was quickly taken to the hospital, where she remained for five days undergoing thorough medical examinations, including scans, which revealed multiple fractures near her neck and pelvis.

The road to recovery was challenging and lengthy. Intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and home healthcare became a necessary part of her daily routine. Determined to see her client through this difficult time, The Kalka Law Group meticulously investigated the incident, gathering witness statements, police reports, and crucial footage from the bus’s surveillance system. This evidence played a crucial role in establishing clear fault with the bus driver.

Through dedicated mediation with MARTA, we were able to secure a settlement of $199,000. This compensation will help address the financial burden of her medical expenses, lost income, and the ongoing pain and suffering caused by this unfortunate accident.