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Are you considering a personal injury claim? At The Kalka Law Group, we are focused on delivering you the compensation you envision. Our Marietta personal injury attorneys are results driven and, with over three decades of experience, have the experience you need. With multiple accolades and a track record of success you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands. Check out our past case results and contact us today.
  • $2,250,000
    Marietta Charter Bus Leaves Victim with Severe Injuries Affecting Both Him & His Wife Our client was traveling through Marietta going southbound on I-75 in the middle lane, when a charter bus failed to see the traffic slowing in front of him, crossed over the far left lanes, and ultimately collided with our client, causing a five-car crash. Due to the accident, our client experienced serious injuries to his neck, back, and ankle, which required cervical and lumbar spine surgical fusions. Since having these procedures, he has not been able to return to work. Through intensive investigations, Attorney Kalka discovered the bus company ignored several previous safety violations, which contributed to the collision. While the bus company and their insurance provider failed to accept fault for the accident, Attorney Kalka fought relentlessly and secured a $2.25 million settlement to cover our client’s medical expenses, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and loss of consortium for his wife.
  • $1,875,000
    Truck Driver Violates Hours of Service Regulations, Kills Innocent Victim On May 22, 2014 our client was tragically killed on I-95. Tony Kalka was called to investigate the accident and prove the truck driver's negligence within 4 days of the accident. Mr. Kalka tirelessly over the next 12 days to move faster and more efficiently than the Trucking Company and the Insurance Company Mr. Kalka dispatched a team of experts to inspect the truck and accident scene. Mr. Kalka personally spent days at the accident scene and investigating every facet of the truck and tracked down every possible witness. He eventually found two witnesses that helped prove the Truck Driver's negligence. Tony also discovered that the truck driver had violated the Federal Motor Carriers hours of service violations and that his R2 brake was inoperable. Tony also proved punitive damages against the Trucking Company. The case settled out of court at Mediation with the highest settlement award in that County.
  • $1,000,000
    Truck Stopped in Road with No Indicators, Causes Car Crash A driver collided into an 18-wheeler in Paulding County in the early hours of the morning because the truck did not have any lights indicating its presense on the road. The man in the automobile was coming up over the hill and was not able to respond quickly enough because of the lack of indicators. Suffering pain and certain injuries to his ankle, arms and head requiring 5 different surgeries, the victim had over $320,000 in medical expenses. There were still even additional costs that the victim was going to have to pay out of pocket. Through the aggressive representation provided by The Kalka Law Group, a settlement was reached for $1 million.
  • $1,000,000
    Driver Suffers Severe Facial Fractures Due to Tow Truck Driver’s Negligence While driving southbound on I-85, a tow truck attempted to make an illegal U-turn in between pillars under a cross over bridge. This was an illegal move and it resulted in a serious car accident with our client who was traveling in the far left lane when the tow truck driver attempted this left turn. The tow truck could not complete the turn quickly enough and our client struck the back of the truck, causing their car to overturn into the median. Our client suffered numerous facial fractures, a broken jaw, lost many teeth, and had to undergo a number of surgeries. The tow truck’s insurance company attempted to deny liability, claiming that their driver had used his emergency lights and signaled that he was turning left, however, Attorney Tony Kalka and Attorney Matthew Broun at The Kalka Law Group discovered that these were aftermarket lights that were not up to code. By proving this negligence on behalf of the tow truck company for not providing proper lights on their vehicles, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Broun recovered a $1 million settlement to cover all of our client’s medical expenses past and future, as well as pain and suffering, lost wages, and other associated costs.
  • $950,000
    Man Suffers Groin Injury After Vehicle Makes Illegal U-Turn in Front of Him Client was out for a ride on his motorcycle on King Road (northbound) in Roswell, Georgia. SUV ahead of him made a sudden, illegal U-turn forcing the motorcyclist to swerve to the left but was unable to avoid being hit by the SUV. The impact of the crash forced the man's groin and pelvis to slam into the motorcycle's fuel tank, which occurred right before he was thrown off of his motorcycle. During this process, the man impaled his groin and perineum on the windshield of the motorcycle. Fortunately, he was able to move out of road quickly enough to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.
  • $775,000
    Client Hit and Pinned By Car, Resulting in Serious Leg Injuries

    Attorney Kalka represented a client in Atlanta who had been catastrophically injured while installing pine straw on a driveway. The client was working when he was suddenly struck and pinned against his truck by a reversing vehicle coming down the driveway towards him. The vehicle was operated by the owner of the house he was working for. After the incident, the man was unable to walk for weeks on end, due to catastrophic leg injuries and multiple fractures. Performing thorough investigations and preparing detailed case information, Attorney Kalka settled the case for his client at $775,000 in mediation.

  • $755,000
    Truck Makes Illegal U-Turn, Blocks Traffic, Causes Accident

    Fulton County-Interstate 75.Our client was traveling down the highway on his way to the airport to begin work for the day. The tractor trailer missed its turn and attempted to make a u-turn. However, truck became stuck in mud and debris; the trailer was blocking two lanes. Client's vehicle struck the broad side of trailer at 55 miles per hour. Client suffered a broken back and a shattered kneecap. Truck driver and the national trucking company testified that truck driver was making a left rurn and became stuck in mud. National truck company alleged that our client should have perceived the truck and that our client had the last clear chance to avoid the accident. The Kalka Law Group successfully proved that the trucking company's trailer did not have proper lights or reflecting taping under 49.CRF 392.33 and was in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. The Kalka Law Group also subpoenaed the trucking company's navigation and electric tracking system, which proved that the truck driver was making an illegal u-turn. This vehicle maneuever violated state law and internal company policies and procedure. The Kalka Law Group successfully secured millions of dollars in a confidential settlement that proved for client and the future of client's family.

  • $550,000
    UBER-X Driver T-Boned Resulting in Multiple Foot Fractures An UBER-X driver was t-boned by another vehicle who failed to yield and turned left into the Uber driver’s car. The impact of the crash causing multiple fractures to her right foot. The injuries necessitated a complex surgery and she was unable to put any weight on her right foot while she waited for the procedures she needed. Additionally, she had no health insurance or access to a good surgeon. Initially she hired a lawyer with too high of a case load who did not spend adequate time on her case and did not have connections with qualified doctors, causing her to have to bounce from physician to physician. Frustrated and still without proper treatment, she hired The Kalka Law Group who immediately referred her to an excellent orthopedic surgeon and helped her get the insurance she needed to pay for her surgery while the firm sought out compensation. Through a thorough investigation of the accident, The Kalka Law Group proved that our client was not speeding contrary to what the at-fault driver said, and we recovered $550,000 for her.
  • $530,000
    Motorcyclist Suffers Multiple Fractures After Car Makes Improper Left Turn

    Client was driving eastbound on Highway 293 when another vehicle made an improper left-hand turn in front of him, causing him to run into the passenger side of their car. He was immediately life-flighted to the hospital where they discovered he had serious injuries including multiple fractures in his right leg and both of his wrists. The next day he underwent surgery to fix the fracture in his leg and one week later he had surgery again for the fractures in his wrists. He was moved to a rehabilitation center for a while after his procedures and has to complete extensive out-patient physical therapy. The Kalka Law Group showed fault on the part of the other driver and recovered $530,000 to cover his extensive medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and the fact that his life will be forever altered by his injuries.

  • $500,000
    Driver Rear-Ended, Suffers Serious Brain Injury Resulting in a Coma Heading southbound on I 85, a commercial vehicle was speeding at 81 mph in a 55 mph zone and rear-ended The Kalka Law Group’s client. The impact pushed the front car across the interstate and resulted in serious injuries to the driver. When the first responder arrived, the driver did not have a pulse and was airlifted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had an anoxic brain injury. The client is still in a coma. The Kalka Law Group were contacted by the family of the victim because the truck driver was not cited for speeding. Our Atlanta accident attorneys were able to download the crash data and prove that the work truck was going 81 mph two seconds prior to impact and hit the other car at 52 mph. Through their dedicated representation, they recovered $500,000 in compensation for the victim and his family.
  • $487,500
    Rear-End Accident Results in Back & Neck Injuries for Passengers

    Our clients were driving northbound on Highway 293 waiting to turn from their lane in the street when they were hit from behind by a box truck driver. The impact left both the driver and the passenger in the car with painful neck and back injuries. They immediately went to the emergency room and where their injuries were assessed. In the months that followed, they both received numerous tests and various forms of treatment, including CT scans, MRIs, physical therapy, and even a back brace for one of the victims of the crash. They both have severe pain in their neck, back, and shoulders, as well as ongoing headaches. It is recommended that they both have surgery to fully correct the damage done. Tony Kalka of The Kalka Law Group was able to prove that both truck drivers were to blame for running into our client’s car. Tony Kalka settled the case: $487,500 recovered on behalf of both of clients.

  • $411,000.00
    Driver Hit by Tractor Trailer

    Due to the negligence of a truck driver who was not paying close attention to traffic conditions one morning, our client was hit from behind, which caused them to hit another vehicle in front of them. After the incident, she was transported by ambulance to the hospital, where it was discovered that she suffered a fractured clavicle, vertebrae, and other bones, as well as a brain bleed. She has needed ongoing rehabilitation in the wake of these horrific injuries and still continues to experience serious pain. The Kalka Law Group investigated the case to uncover that the truck driver had previously violated federal trucking regulations just a few months prior and that their truck’s second axle had essentially zero tread left. After negotiating with insurance, our Atlanta accident attorneys were able to recover a $411,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

  • $375,000
    Apartment Complex Dishwasher Starts Fire and Kills Apartment Tenant

    Fulton County apartment complex installed, maintained, and failed to service defective dishwasher, which started an apartment fire and killed a tenant. Apartment complex threw out defective dishwasher so that it could not be inspected. The Kalka Law Group traced the dishwasher to a salvage yard and was able to have it inspected. The inspection revealed negligent electrical wiring, which was manipulated by the Apartment Complex. Client recovered settlement on behalf of the tenant's child.

  • $375,000
    Truck Rear-Ended Vehicle

    Dekalb County-Interstate 285. National tractor trailer trucking company rear-ended client on Interstate 285. The truck driver stated he was not responsible for accident . Client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery. The Kalka Law Group proved through deposition and witness testimony that the truck driver had caused three accidents in two years and that truck driver was operating his tractor trailer too fast for the weather conditions. Trucking company offered substantial settlement at mediation prior to trial.

  • $350,000
    Fractured C6 and C7 Vertebrae in Spine Due to Intersection Accident

    Auto accident attorneys represent injured Monroe man who was a passenger in a vehicle when he suffered a fractured C6 and C7 vertebrae. Our client suffered a herniation and fractured vertebrae while riding in a minivan that was struck at a red light intersection. Our client retained the firm and was able to be seen and treated by a board certified neurologist with privileges at Athens Regional Hospital because of The Kalka Law Group. Our client has made a great recovery.

  • $350,000
    Rear-End Accident Victim Suffers Serious Neck & Back Issues

    Our client was driving northbound on Highway 211 when she came to Dee Kennedy Road with the intention of turning left. She was in the far left lane and when she was hit from behind by another vehicle. It was discovered that the other driver had been following too closely and not given themselves the proper space to stop; therefore, it was determined that they were fully at fault for the accident. Following the collision, our client suffered severe neck and back pain, causing her to have to go to multiple doctors and specialists, ultimately resulting in two different surgical procedures to alleviate the ongoing pain. The Kalka Law Group took on the case and was able to prove the other driver to be at fault for the rear-end accident, using police reports and other associated evidence. Our Atlanta injury lawyers recovered a $350,000 settlement to cover her past, present, and future medical expenses, as well as her pain and suffering as a result of the injuries.

  • $350,000
    Truck Driver Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Leaving Them Seriously Injured with No Memory of the Accident

    While traveling northbound on US 411 in Tennessee, the client’s motorcycle struck the rear of a tractor trailer that was making a wide right turn over multiple lanes in front of them into the Madisonville Marine for a delivery. Immediately following the accident, the client was airlifted to a local hospital with severe injuries including broken ribs, a paralyzed right eye, and fractured vertebrae. They were initially determined to be at-fault for the collision, however, there were no witnesses located and no recollection of the facts of the collision by the client due to memory loss. Attorney Kalka was contacted by Attorney Brian Caron of Steelhorse Law for his vast case background in tractor trailer collisions. After Attorney Kalka’s initial investigation with Attorney Caron, they discovered surveillance footage from Madisonville Marine, which, revealed the tractor trailer cutting directly in front of the client, causing the collision. Between Attorney Kalka and Attorney Caron, they were a perfect match for defense counsel in filing a lawsuit in Madisonville, Tennessee; however, defense counsel removed the case to the Eastern District Court of Tennessee for a more favorable defense verdict. Through their relentless approach, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Caron recovered $350,000 for this client in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • $350,000
    Reckless Driver Fails to Yield & Injures Young Mother Resulting in a Broken Knee Cap

    Our client was driving when they were hit by a driver who failed to yield and lost control of his car. By doing so, he totaled her car and fractured her knee cap. The very next day, our legal team was at the scene of the accident reconstructing how the incident occurred. They were able to estimate that the at-fault driver must have been traveling 15-20 miles per hour over the marked speed limit. The Kalka Law Group recovered her policy limit from both her underinsured motorist coverage and the at-fault party’s insurance company. The settlement totaled $350,000 and allowed her to recover. She is now back at work and doing better.

  • $350,000
    Permanent Disability Suffered by Car Accident Client, Sizeable Settlement Won

    Our client was struck by a reckless driver who turned left right in front of them. They suffered permanent debilitation and chronic pain as a result. Following multiple surgeries, their medical costs and noneconomic damages were significant. The Kalka Law Group was retained to act on their behalf in pursuit of compensation. We were able to secure a significant settlement amount of $350,000, including $150,000 obtained through insurance and $250,000 through limited liability release.

  • $350,000.00
    Driver Injured in Head-On Collision

    While our client was driving through an intersection, with all of the lights and signals giving her the right of way, another reckless driver ignored these signals and began making a left-hand turn in the intersection. This resulted in a head-on collision with our client’s vehicle with such force that it caused her car to be thrown into another care on the other opposite side of the street. Immediately after the crash, our client was transported to the nearest hospital for care. She suffered several severe fractures, contusions in her clavicle and knee, and extreme pain. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers negotiated on behalf of our client with the insurance company and secured a $350,000 settlement to cover not only her medical expenses, but also her lost income, emotional pain and suffering, and other associated costs.

  • $301,000
    Bike Rider Hit by Another Cyclist and Suffers Severe Neck and Head Injury

    On August 14, 2011, our client was on one of his lengthy Sunday rides along Riverside Road, near his home in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our Client chose Riverside Road because of its natural beauty and because it had lanes devoted to bicyclists on both sides of the road. Our Client was riding his bicycle in accordance with the rules of the road, travelling east in the eastbound lane, on the right hand side of the road (i.e. with the flow of automobile traffic). See O.C.G.A. §40-6-294 (a) “Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, except when turning left or avoiding hazards to safe cycling.”

    Riverside Road curves to the right shortly after its intersection with Old Alabama. Our Client went around this curve, he saw a bicycle, which the at fault rider was riding, travelling west in the eastbound lane (i.e. riding on the left hand side of the road, against the flow of automobile traffic). Due to the curve and foliage on the trees which line Riverside Road, our client did not and could not have seen the other rider until impact. Our client collided with the other rider head on. Our client was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Our client was referred to a neurologist who performed neck surgery. The Neurologist performed an anterior cervical discectomy and then fused the C5 through C7 vertebrae together using bone morphogenic protein, an interbody cage device and anterior cervical plate stabilization mechanism.

    Our client hired our attorneys and was able to receive the maximum settlement available. $301,000

  • $300,000
    Loaded Assault Rifle Shoots Teenager in Attic of Troup County Home A homeowner negligently stored assault rifles in attic of home and invited teenagers over to his house. When teenager walked up stairway into the attic an assault rifle discharged into the teenager and killed him instantly. The homeowner was charged with manslaughter and possession of narcotics. The Kalka Law Group sued the homeowner for careless and reckless conduct. The Kalka Law Group obtained the homeowner's insurance policy limits of $300,000.
  • $300,000
    Child Drowning at Neighborhood Pool

    During the summer of 2009 tragedy struck our clients when they entrusted the safety of their daughter to two babysitters who became distracted on their cell phones while our clients' unsupervised child played in the pool. Tragically, the child drowned. This event could have been easily prevented but for the negligent conduct of the babysitters. The Kalka Law Group provided expert opinions as to legal causation, witness statements, and witness affidavits, which forced the insurance company to offer a settlement for the maximum amount of the insurance policy.

  • $300,000
    Alpharetta Car Crash Causes Fractured and Herniated C5, C6, and C7 Vertebrae

    Our client was in a horrific automobile accident, which fractured and herniated his C5, C6, and C7 vertebrae. Our client was foreced to have surgery, undergo painful and sleepless nights, and endure a long way back to recovery. Our client struck his head on window and steering wheel, which caused traumatic whiplash and damage to his cervical spine. Today, he has made a full recovery and is glad he made the call.

  • $300,000
    Bicycle Accident: Bicyclist Hit by Motorcycle

    Troup County: Bicyclist was making a left-hand turn when a motorcycle crested over a hill striking, and instantly killing, the bicyclist. The insurance company denied liability and stated they "would never pay a settlement for this accident". The decedent's family hired The Kalka Law Group file a law suit against the Insurance Company for the loss of their son. The Kalka Law Group obtained multiple recoveries for this family within 30 days of filing suit.

  • $275,000
    Driver Sideswiped by Negligent Driver & Suffers Permanent Wrist Injury

    Our client was traveling along the road when a vehicle to their left suddenly sideswiped them in a failed merger attempt. They were forced into an out-of-control spin and slammed into the curb, causing immediate and severe wrist injury. After surgery and extensive occupational therapy, our client still lives with pain and debilitation. We fought for their right to fair and maximized compensation, achieving $250,000 settlement as part of the uninsured motorist insurance maximum and another $25,000 for a liability settlement.

  • $275,000.00
    Settlement Achieved in Ongoing Car Accident Case

    The Kalka Law Group has recovered a $275,000 settlement on behalf our client who was in an accident with two other defendants. Our attorneys pursued mediation with one defendant to determine liability in the crash, while the second defendant has yet to accept liability or offer any form of settlement. This is an ongoing case and it is our commitment as personal injury attorneys to secure the best possible outcome for our client.

  • $250,000
    Rear-End Auto Collision Causes Serious Neck Pain

    Client was traveling on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, when they were involved in a three car collision. The first driver rear-ended the car in front of them because they were following too closely, which caused the car in front to hit our client’s car. After the accident, our client experienced severe neck pain, which resulted in her having to have surgery to relieve her symptoms. Attorney Matthew Broun was able to prove negligence on the part of the first driver, recovering $250,000 to cover our client’s pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

  • $245,000
    Car Wreck Attorney Specializes in Neck Surgery Accidents

    In 2009, our client was in a rear-end crach in Hall County and suffered whiplash. Our client was treated by his primary doctor and a chiropractor. His pain would not resolve, so he went to see his neurologist who recommended a C4, C5, C6, and C7 fusion. Our client had a histsory of neck problems and works onsite for HVAC replacement. Our client underwent surgery in 2010. His case went to mediation in November 2011. Tony Kalka was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $245,000.

  • $235,000
    GA 400 Exit 13 Highway 141

    Client was riding his motorcycle on his way to work when he was struck by a commercial vehicle. Client suffered a broken ankle and shattered heal. Settlement $235,000

  • $225,000
    Rear End Auto Case Causes Cervical Fusion and Herniation C5 and C6

    Our client was involved in a rear end accident case in Orlando, Florida and suffered significant injuries that required cervical fusion and herniation of his C5 and C6 vertebrae.

  • $210,000
    Truck's Illegal U-Turn in Gwinnet County During Heavy Traffic Causing Injuries to Motorcycle Passenger

    During heavy traffic, a pick-up truck makes an illegal U-Turn causing a motorcycle passenger to sustain injuries.

  • $205,000
    Swift Transportation Truck Collides With a Car, Drags the Car Forty Feet A husband and wife were out running in Banks County, Georgia and were stopped at a traffic intersection after leaving Wal-Mart, when a fully loaded tractor-trailer was entering the roadway to deliver products and collided with one car, then proceeded to strike our client's car, which drug the car approximately forty (40) feet. Our client's vehicle remained partially trapped under the trailer. Both clients suffered multiple injuries and the husband was required to undergo back surgery as a result of the collision. After our clients' incurred a large amount of medical bills the trucking company denied liability and would not pay for their medical bills. The couple was left to figure out how to pay these bills that their health insurance would not pay because another person was at fault for the injuries. The Kalka Law Group filed the lawsuit in the State Court of Clayton County. The systematically deposed the truck driver, safety director, dispatcher, and Swift Company designated representative and each was asked, under oath, if he/she believed that the truck driver had adequate training. After a very thorough and aggressive litigation, The Kalka Law Group was able to reach a combined settlement at mediation just weeks before the trial of the case.
  • $200,000
    Negligent Driver Spins Out of Control & Hits Other Vehicle Causing Serious Injuries

    The Kalka Law Group’s client was traveling westbound on I-16 when the vehicle to her right lost control and hydroplaned on the wet road, due to insufficient tire tread and driving erratically. The other car spun out and collided with the front end of our client’s car, resulting in all of her airbags being deployed. The injuries sustained involved multiple fractures to her leg. By showing serious negligence on the part of the other driver for driving recklessly on a wet roadway and for failing to take proper care of their vehicle’s tires to avoid accident, The Kalka Law Group was able to recover $200,000 in compensation.

  • $200,000
    Reckless Driver Runs Red Light and T-Bones Car

    The Kalka Law Group’s client was traveling northbound on Haw Creek Parkway in Forsyth County, when she was suddenly T-boned by a negligent driver who ran a red light, resulting in a broken leg, pelvis & collar bone for the 80 year old driver. She had the legal right of way due to a green light, whereas the other driver had recklessly ignored their red light, as confirmed by three witnesses. The Kalka Law Group was able to prove this to be true and recovered a $200,000 settlement for the elderly woman as she continues to recover at Chestnut Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation six weeks after the collision.

  • $200,000
    Pedestrian Hit By Negligent Driver in Parking Lot

    While walking across a Publix parking lot, The Kalka Law Group’s client was hit by a negligent driver who turned left into her. The woman who was hit instinctively put her hand out to protect herself, however, her hand hit the side mirror and pulled her shoulder awkwardly. Immediately she felt pain in her shoulder and she had to undergo multiple shoulder surgeries and physical therapy as a result. The injuries left her out of work for 7 months because she could not lift anything. The Kalka Law Group fought for rightful compensation and recovered $200,000 to cover the cost of her lost wages during her time away from work, her medical expenses, and all around pain and suffering.

  • $200,000
    Head-On Collision Results in Serious Hip Injuries

    The Kalka Law Group’s client was headed westbound on Paces Ferry Road when he was hit head on by a driver who was going east and hydroplaned across the double yellow lines. The driver who was hit suffered a labrum tear to his right hip and ultimately had to undergo surgery to remedy his injuries. Self employed, he lost business as a result of his injuries and ultimately had to change careers, not before losing out on significant income. Our Atlanta injury lawyers were able to show that the at-fault driver who hydroplaned should have been driving more cautiously and the accident would not have occurred. By proving fault, we recovered a $200,000 settlement to cover the cost of our client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and overall pain and suffering.

  • $199,000
    Pedestrian Suffers Fractures After Being Hit by MARTA Bus

    Our client was walking in a designated crosswalk zone when a MARTA bus driver failed to yield and turned left directly into the crosswalk, striking her and causing her to lose consciousness briefly. She was immediately taken to the hospital where she stayed for five days while they took numerous tests and imaging. It was discovered that she had suffered multiple fractures near her neck and in her pelvic region. Upon being discharged from the hospital, she had to undergo intense physical therapy, occupational therapy, and home healthcare to help with the recovery process. By investigating witness reports, police reports, and reviewing the MARTA bus surveillance footage, The Kalka Law Group successfully proved fault lay completely with the bus driver. After pursuing mediation with MARTA, we obtained a settlement for $199,000 to cover her medical expenses, lost income, and overall pain and suffering.

  • $195,000
    Bicycle Accident: Bicyclist struck by hit-and-run vehicle

    Walton County - Alcovy St: Bicyclist was struck by hit-and-run vehicle on Alcovy St. Client suffered road rash, broken ankle and fractured wrist. The Kalka Law Group obtained a substantial settlement from hit-and-run vehicle.

  • $185,000
    Auto Accident: Car hydroplaned into another vehicle

    Cobb County - Marietta - client was CEO/owner-operator of recycling company. At fault driver's vehicle hydroplaned into client's vehicle. Client suffered no visible physical injuries at the scene of the accident. Client lost consciousness, felt nauseous and was taken to the emergency room the following day. The Kalka Law Group was able to prove that client suffered a temporary brain injury and that client was medically unfit to operate his business. Client suffered a severe loss of income as a result of this accident. The Kalka Law Group was able to obtain a substantial settlement that was greater than seven times the initial offer.

  • $185,000
    Bicycle Accident: Hit-and-run accident

    Fulton County - Peachtree Road: Hit-and-run Peachtree Road. Cyclist was struck while traveling on Peachtree Road. Client Suffered road rash, broken leg, and facial bruising. The Kalka Law Group obtained closed-circuit camera video footage and was able to prove that client was struck by hit and run vehicle and was able to obtain settlement for client through client's own insurance policy.

  • $185,000
    Redmond v. Swift Transportation Company

    Our client was leaving Walmart when a Swift Transportation truck driver took a sharp left and collided with a vehicle then struck our client's pickup truck. The Swift truck dragged our client's vehicle forty feet. The client suffered lower back pain and sciatica, which resulted in back surgery ultimately. Swift denied liability for this accident, which led the client to a lawyer that practices general personal injury. This lawyer knew of Mr. Kalka's reputation as a trucking lawyer and referred Mr. Kalka to litigate the case. Mr. Kalka filed the law suit against Swift and deposed the truck driver, dispatcher, and company safety director. Mr. Kalka was able to prove that the truck driver was an inexperienced driver and that this lack of experience caused or contributed to the collision. He also proved that the surveillance on his client would inflame the jury at trial. Two weeks prior to trial, Swift requested to go to mediation to resolve the case. Mr. Kalka kept fighting motion after motion and agreed to mediate only if Swift flew in a company representative from Phoenix. Prior to mediation, the last offer from Swift was $14,000. On February 5, 2015 this matter resolved for $185,000 at mediation.

  • $180,000
    Deck Collapse Accident Victims Get $180,000

    Our victim was at a friends house getting ready to play cards on an outdoor deck when it suddenly collapsed. Our client suffered a fracture in her left foot and a serious ankle sprain. She was confined to a wheelchair and crutches for an extended period of time following the accident. The Kalka Law Group were able to successfully argue a $180,000 settlement for the client.

  • $175,000
    Client had Prior Neck Surgery; Insurance Company Argued Client's Neck Injury was Pre-Existing

    Our client was rear-ended in a 2010 automobile accident. The client had previous neck surgery and prior back injuries. The insurance company for the at-fault driver argued that our client's injuries were "pre-existing" and "were not related" to her 2010 automobile accident. The Kalka Law Group was able to defeat the insurance company's arguments and obtain a settlement that compensated our client for her neck injury.

  • $175,000
    Bicycle Accident: Cyclist hit by automobile

    Bibb County - Vinveville Ave Client was crossing Vineville Avenue when automobile ran stop sign colliding with bicyclist. Client suffered an injured shoulder, torn rotator cuff, and road rash. Automobile driver lied to responding police officer and stated that bicyclist was at fault. The Kalka Law Group, through assistance of our expert bicycle accident reconstructionist, utilized photographs of the bicycle and the at fault vehicle to prove the automobile driver was negligent; confidential settlement obtained.

  • $174,300
    Insurance Bad Faith in House Fire Claim

    The Kalka Law Group represented a family whose home was burned down and their insurance provider, State Farm, was denying their claim altogether. They claimed that arson was involved, but The Kalka Law Group investigated the case, noting that the nearest fire station had no personnel at the time of the call and the second closest unit lost a ladder on their way to the house. Both of these things contributed to additional damage to the house, due to the delayed response. Through relentless representation, the firm demanded the full amount of the dwelling policy which totaled $174,300.

  • $165,000
    Reckless Driver Causes Car Accident Resulting in Permanent Hearing Loss

    Our client was traveling west on I-16 during a period of congested traffic, when they were hit from behind. The vehicle that struck our client was towing another vehicle beyond its capacity, which was considered to be a reckless action. When the driver of the truck towing the vehicle tried to avoid colliding with a car in front of them on the highway, they overcompensated and lost control of their car. They then collided with two other vehicles before crashing into the back of our client’s car, causing the airbags to deploy. While the injuries were fairly minor after the accident, they resulted in permanent hearing damage for our client. The Kalka Law Group sent a videographer to our client’s independent medical examination to prove to the defense attorney that our client in fact had suffered this level of damage, resulting in a $165,000 settlement.

  • $150,000
    Improper Lane Changed Caused 6 Broken Ribs for Client, Lung Contusion, and Blood Clots

    Our Client was involved in a life threatening automobile accident. He was riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle when that vehicle made an improper left turn, failing to yield to oncoming traffic. As a result, the vehicle in which our client was riding was struck on its side. The fire department and EMS rushed to the scene where the fire department removed Mr. McClendon via the "jaws of life," and the ambulance rushed our client other hospital. Our client was released by Atlanta Medical Center, but later returned to Kennestone Hospital for failure to breathe. Doctors discovered, in addition to his broken ribs and lung contusion, that our client had developed pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the pulmonary artery), pleural effusion (buildup of fluid in the chest cavity surrounding the lungs), as well as severe pulmonary hypertension. As a result, he had below level oxygen in his blood (hypoxia) and his muscle tissue was breaking down (Rhabdomylysis). Our client received a settlement in the amount of $150,000.

  • $150,000
    Driver Experiences Injuries After Hitting Horse That Was Loose

    Shortly before Thanksgiving, our client was driving along County Line road when a horse stepped out into the road, making it unavoidable for him to hit the horse. He did not have affordable enough healthcare at the time of the accident so he waited a few weeks before he was able to get an appointment with a doctor. Even then, the conservative measures they took to help his herniated disc did not do much and it was determined he would need surgery. The Kalka Law Group prepared a suit against the owner of the horse for negligence because they had left the gate open while the horse was feeding. They did not take reasonable caution to avoid the horse getting onto the main road, which is a violation of Georgia State law. The Kalka Law Group had to fight relentlessly against their insurance company who claimed that our client could have avoided the horse and was faking his injuries. They interviewed multiple friends, family, and coworkers to prove our client’s injuries to be true and even videoed his medical providers stating that his injuries were directly related to the accident with the horse. The night before the case was set to go to trial, the insurance company settled for $150,000. Now our client is able to get the necessary surgical procedure he needs to heal properly with a top orthopedic surgeon in the area.

  • $150,000
    Auto Accident: Stalled vehicle hit by car

    DeKalb County - I-285. Client's vehicle stalled on I 285. Client pulled vehicle to shoulder. Driver on cell phone collided with corner panel of stopped vehicle pushing driver into median. Client suffered broken pelvis. $150,000 settlement obtained.

  • $150,000
    Automobile Accident. Multiple Wrist Surgeries $150,000 settlement recovered for a victim of a car accident whose wrist required multiple surgeries.
  • $140,000
    Negligent Driver Fails to Yield Making an Unprotected Left and Crashes into Oncoming Bicyclist

    Attorney Anthony Kalka recovered $100,000 for his client who suffered life-altering injuries after a negligent driver crashed his Chevy Tahoe into Mr. Kalka’s client while trying to make an unprotected left-hand turn. The client was rushed to the emergency room where he required stitches and surgery for a fractured knee. As a result of the accident, the client suffered a loss in quality of life as he was no longer to perform activities like bicycling, exercising and walking without support. Mr. Kalka used video and audio evidence to prove his client was in no way at fault for the incident, which awarded Mr. Kalka’s client a personal injury settlement that covered the cost of his medical bills, surgery and pain, and suffering.

  • $129,500
    Semi-Truck Runs Red Light Resulting in Collision

    Our client was traveling west on Cobb Parkway when a semi-truck ran a red light in front of them, not giving our client enough time to stop. He collided into the right side of the tractor trailer, which completely damaged the front of his pickup truck, making it inoperable. The truck driver admitted to the Officer and our injured client that he ran a red light. He was not issued a ticket and later blamed our injured client. The Kalka Law Group retained an expert accident reconstructionist and obtained the squad car dash camera, which captured the truck driver stating he ran the red light.

    The Kalka Law Group recovered a settlement for $129,500 on behalf of the other driver in the accident. The owner of the commercial trucking company responsible for that driver’s safety stated that they never provided him with any training. Considering all of these factors, The Kalka Law Group fought to recover a settlement of $129,500 on behalf of the pickup driver for the losses he incurred as a result of the reckless truck driver and negligent trucking company.

  • $120,000
    Driver T-Boned at 4-Way Stop by Reckless Driver

    Our client was passing through a four-way stop when a reckless driver ignored the stop signs and caused a T-bone collision. The resulting injuries suffered by our client were severe and permanent, including significant debilitation in their left hand. We were retained to represent her in her case against the liable party and fought relentlessly to get the result they needed to recover. The conclusion brought about a $120,000 settlement for our client.

  • $106,000
    Negligent Driver Strikes Victim After Making an Illegal U-Turn

    In April of 2015, The Kalka Law Group’s client suffered extensive injuries as a result of an accident caused by a negligent driver attempting to make an illegal U-Turn at the intersection of McGinnis Ferry Road. She was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to repair her fractured nose, wrist and elbow. Consequently, the client was unable to work for some time after sustaining her injuries and lost her job. Our team exhausted every possible legal avenue available, including filming her nose surgery to show that they had to re-break her nose in order to fix the damage caused. Not only did this document the extensive injuries sustained, but also showed the added pain the client had to endure. The Kalka Law Group utilized every resource available ensure our client was awarded an ample settlement that covered the cost of any medical bills, loss of pay, and pain and suffering.

  • $100,000
    Car's Failure to Yield Throws Motorcyclist From Bike

    In May 2015, a man was thrown from his motorcycle after colliding with a car traveling in the opposite direction of the motorcyclist. The automobile had failed to yield before making a left-hand turn and the motorcyclist, leaving him with severe injuries despite the fact that he was wearing protective gear.

    The victim suffered two separate broken bones in his left arm which resulted in surgery and forced him to have to recover in the hospital. The Kalka Law Group settled with Allstate Insurance for $100,000 and left room for a limited liability release so that the motorcyclist could pursue other damages.

  • $100,000
    Broken Leg Left Femoral Fracture Car Accident

    Client was a passenger in an automobile that ran threw a stop sign and sturck a tree. Our client was taken to the hospital and was required to undergo surgery for a left femoral fracture. Client was required to undergo months of phyical therapy.

  • $100,000
    Slip and Fall Back injury at a Public Supermarket in Morrow, GA Awards Client

    On September 3, 2008 our client slipped and fell at a Public Supermarket off Mount Zion Rd in Morrow, GA. Ms. Rodriguez was proceeding through the checkout isle when she slipped and fell on water as she was reaching for her bagged groceries. Ms. Rodriguez took her herself to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a bruised right knee, back pain, and chest wall contusions. Ms. Rodriguez went to the chiropractor, but she did not have health insurance so was only able to seek medical treatment at the chiropractor. She was not able to seek better medical care, and the Public Supermarket would not pay for her medical care.

    Ms. Rodriguez came to The Kalka Law Group for help. This decision was a life changing event for Ms Rodriguez. We were able to provide her with great medical care. She received an MRI and CT scan that confirmed that she had a herniated disc at L5/S1 and a bulging disc at L3/L4. Ms. Rodriguez filed her law suit against the Public Supermarket and underwent discography surgery. Ms. Rodriguez sued a Public Supermarkets for hazardous conditions and failure to provide and maintain adequate inspection procedures to safeguard shoppers like Ms. Rodriguez.

    Publix vigorously defended the lawsuit and filed numerous motions to dismiss and compel documents. The Kalka Law Group was forced to travel to Tampa, FL to take the corporate depositions of the Public management. After two years of litigation, a Clayton County Judge decided that it was up to a jury to decide the case and agreed with The Kalka Law Group to place this case on the next available trial calendar. On February 22, 2012, after 12 hours of mediation, the Public agreed to pay Ms. Rodriguez $100,000.

  • $100,000
    Client Injured in Multi-Car-Accident Caused by Drunk Driver A client represented by The Kalka Law Group was involved in a multi-car accident. The accident which occurred in May 2015, was initiated by a drunk driver who crahsed into four other cars, causing a chain reaction which eventually led to extensive injury and damage to our client, the fifth driver. The matter was settled promptly, and our Alpharetta car accident attornyes secured $100,000 for our client in this DUI accident case.
  • $100,000
    Torn Meniscus, Knee Injury and Broken Hand in Atlanta Car Accident

    Our firm recently represented a client who was a FedEx driver injured in a serious automobile accident. Our client suffered a torn meniscus, a severe knee injury, and a broken hand. The accident caused by a vehicle that crossed over onto the other side of the road. As the other vehicle attempted to swerve out of the way, it was struck. Our Atlanta injury lawyers at The Kalka Law Group were able to recover a $100,000 settlement for the client.

  • $100,000
    Auto Accident: Car hit by student driver

    Oconee County - GA 24 and New High Shoals Road. 37 year old mother and son were traveling from Winder to Athens. Student driver took negligent left turn into and collided with the mother's vehicle. Mother suffered severe bruising and witnessed her minor son's injury, which consisted of two broken legs. $100,000 settlement obtained for both mother and child.

  • $100,000
    Sudden Collision By a Reckless Driver Results in a Fractured Sternum

    Driving southbound on I-85, The Kalka Law Group’s client was rear-ended by a vehicle that was traveling too closely, which caused their car to spin out of control into the far left lane. Once the vehicle came to rest in the left lane, it remained there for a decent amount of time before another car hit the same car at a very high speed, resulting in serious injuries for the driver. The man whose car lost control and was hit twice has suffered pain from a fractured sternum. The second impact was much stronger than the initial rear-end collision and was the root cause for the broken bones. The Kalka Law Group negotiated with the insurance companies and proved negligence on the part of the at-fault driver, obtaining a $100,000 settlement for the injured driver.

  • Over 10x Medicals
    Drunk Driver Rear Ends Our Client A driver with two prior DUI convictions, rear ended our clients car causing property and physical damage. The Kalka Law Group argued that this driver's flagrant disregard for the consequences of her actions showed extreme negligence and successfully won our client a settlement over 10 times their medical costs.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Teenage Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Vehicle

    Walking to work in the early morning hours of December 2012, the son of our client was struck and killed by a car. The Kalka Law Group successfully argued that the driver had ample time to stop the car, there were not visual restrictions preventing the driver from seeing the victim, the car was traveling faster than the posted speed limit and the driver had multiple items hanging from the rear view window that obstructed their vision. Through this convincing argument, The Kalka Law Group was able to recieve a settlement from the driver's insurance company.

  • Confidential Settlement
    High Speed Chase Ends in Paralysis to Client

    Our client was an innocent party involved in a high speed chase with police. When the police attempted to pulll over the car our client was traveling in, the driver fled leading the police on a chase at speeds of over 100mph. The driver lost control of the vehihcle, flipped multiple times and hit a utility pole. Our client was left paralyzed and unable to communicate verbally or physically.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Child Suffers a Greenstick Fracture from an Alpharetta Car Accident

    Our client's child suffered a Greenstick Fracture from an automobile wreck in Canton, Georgia. Our client called The Kalka Law Group because we are experienced in child car accident and greenstick fracture accidents. A greenstick fracture means that one side of the bone is broken and the other side is bent. We demonstrated to the insurance company that a child sufferes this greenstick fracture because of the severity of the accident impact. Our client's child's wrist was bruised and swollen along the grown plate. Our car accident attorneys settled this case for the insurance policy limits.

  • Confidential
    We Made Home Owners Insurance Company Pay Client's Theft Claim

    In the fall of 2009 clients I hosted a party at their house. Soon after the party our Clients could not find a watch and a few other items. The clients assumed it was their children that must have been playing in mom and dads' room. Our Clients figured the items would turn up eventually. It wasn't until a few weeks later when they realized that we were missing additional items and had, in fact, been robbed. The clients filed a claim with their Home Owners Insurance in December 2009. Their Insurance did not pay the claim, but rather began a protracted investigation. The clients submitted to examination under oaths and then called The Kalka Law Group. We successfully fought their Home Owners Insurance Company and threatened Bad Faith OCGA 33-4-6 penalties under GA Law. Our clients receiveda fair and confidential settlement.

  • Confidential
    Day Care Negligence - Gwinnett County

    Our client's eighteen-month-old child receivedcontusions on her forehead and a head injury after falling off a diaper changing table. The staff member responsible left the child unattended. The findings of the investigation substantiated rule violations occurred, which jeopardized the health and safety of a child in care.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Atlanta Horse and Carriage Ride Accident

    In April, 2010 an operator of and three tourist passengers in a Horse and Carriage were traveling down the beautiful streets of Downtown Atlanta. Suddenly, they were rear-ended by a reckless driver who was charged with following too closely, following too fast for conditions, and violating the open container law. This operator was thrown thirty feet from the carriage and suffered a broken clavicle, 6 broken ribs, and fractured his neck. The Kalka Law Group was able to recover the maximum amount of insurance available for two of the passengers. The driver of the Horse Carriage has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court of DeKalb County and is awaiting his day in court.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Apartment Complex Fails to Place Stop Sign at Dangerous Intersection

    An apartment complex closed its main access way to perform maintenance. The apartment complex opened up a side exit that had been closed for thirty years. The apartment complex negligently opened the side exit way, failed to take adequate precautionary measures, failed to place a stop sign, and failed to obtain a the required roadway permit from the city. Our client's mother was involved in a fatal automobile accident at the side exit way, which could have been prevented by the placement of a stop sign. Confidential settlement obtained.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Hit and Run Accident Involving Individual with Extensive Criminal Record

    Our client was rear ended by a driver who then subsequently fled the scene. The at-fault individual had a lengthy criminal record and was known to have an use multiple aliases and keep no known phyiscal address thus making a lawsuit and attaining compensation very difficult. The Kalka Law Group successfully tracked him down to a local jail where he was serving a 30 day sentence for a probation violatioin; they filed suit the same day and had the sheriff serve him in jail. Our client was awarded a confidential amount.

  • Confidential
    Home Owners Insurance Denied Vandalism Claim

    Our Clients Rental house sustained a loss in Atlanta, GA due to vandalism. The Clients property was purchased in September 2 2003 for the amount of $125,000. Thereafter, our clients' property underwent substantial improvements as evidenced by Construction Design Prints and pre-renovation pictures. We also submitted in progress renovation pictures. The insured property was appraised for $275,000 "subject to the completion of the dwelling in a workmanlike manner." Our clients entered into a Seller Listing Agreement with Remax to sell the property at a sales price of at least $275,000. However, while under contract the property sustained a loss and was severely vandalized. Their Home Owners Insurance Company denied their claim. The loss forced the owners to sell the property at a discount of $151,000 because the owners could not afford second renovations. The Kalka Law Group was able to argue Actual Cash Value under Georgia Law and threaten OCGA 33-4-6 Bad Faith Penalties. Their Insurance company settled shortly after litigation commenced.

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