What Can I Expect for Compensation as a Rear End Collision Victim?

Car accidents are a distressing reality that millions of drivers face each year. Among the various types of collisions, rear-end accidents are among the most common. They occur when one vehicle crashes into the back of another, often resulting in property damage and potential injuries. Understanding the legal and financial aspects of rear-end collisions is crucial for anyone involved in such an incident. If you have been in a rear-end accident, it is always best to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer near you, as they will be able to assess your case and help determine the type of settlement you might expect for your rear-end collision. Here at The Kalka Law Group, we have helped numerous clients receive significant compensation for injuries they have sustained in rear-end car accidents. We invite you to contact our office online or call (404) 529-9371. to set up a free case evaluation.

What is the Average Payout for a Rear End Collision?

The average payout for a rear-end collision can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors. These factors include the extent of property damage, the severity of injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. On a general scale, minor rear-end collisions with minimal damages and no injuries might result in settlements ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. However, more severe accidents with serious injuries and significant property damage can lead to settlements that extend into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although it is difficult to give an average amount for a rear-end collision, according to the cases found on this page, rear-ended collision settlements range from $145,000-$11,000,000.


Rear End Collision Settlement Examples

At the Kalka Law Group, we fight to get you the most compensation possible to help cover the costs incurred by your accident and sustained injuries. Below are just some examples of case settlements we have won for our clients.

$11,000,000.00 Rear End Collision Car Accident

A cement truck driver rear-ended our client, which led to paralysis.

$500,000.00 Driver Rear-Ended and Suffers Serious Brain Injury

Heading southbound on I 85, a commercial vehicle was speeding at 81 mph in a 55 mph zone and rear-ended The Kalka Law Group’s client. The impact pushed the front car across the interstate and resulted in serious injuries to the driver. When the first responder arrived, the driver did not have a pulse and was airlifted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had an anoxic brain injury. The client is still in a coma. The Kalka Law Group were contacted by the family of the victim because the truck driver was not cited for speeding. Our Atlanta accident attorneys were able to download the crash data and prove that the work truck was going 81 mph two seconds prior to impact and hit the other car at 52 mph. Through their dedicated representation, they recovered $500,000 in compensation for the victim and his family.

$145,000 Neck, Back & Shoulder Injury From Rear-End Accident

Our client was traveling on Webb Rd. in Milton, Georgia. The at-fault party was driving behind our client when they were not paying attention and struck the rear of our client. Due to the severity of the impact, our client’s vehicle was towed away from the scene. The initial offer from the insurance company was just $30,000 – we were able to prove damage and medical needs that increased that payout approximately 5x to $145,000

$510,000 Back & Bilateral Knee Injury From Rear-End Accident

Client was driving southbound on Spalding Drive in Norcross, Georgia. The at-fault driver was driving directly behind our client when they struck the rear of our client’s vehicle. The severity of the impact resulting in injuries that require surgical intervention. The initial offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company was $100,000. We were able to negotiate 5x that offer due to the severity of injury and surgical repair needed.

$487,500.00 Back & Neck Injured From Rear-End Accident

Our clients were driving northbound on Highway 293 waiting to turn from their lane in the street when they were hit from behind by a box truck driver. The impact left both the driver and the passenger in the car with painful neck and back injuries. They immediately went to the emergency room, where their injuries were assessed. In the months that followed, they both received numerous tests and various forms of treatment, including CT scans, MRIs, physical therapy, and even a back brace for one of the victims of the crash. They both have severe pain in their neck, back, and shoulders, as well as ongoing headaches. It is recommended that they both have surgery to fully correct the damage done. Tony Kalka of The Kalka Law Group was able to prove that both truck drivers were to blame for running into our client’s car. Tony Kalka settled the case: $487,500 recovered on behalf of both clients.

$350,000.00 Serious Neck & Back Injuries from Rear-End Accident

Our client was driving northbound on Highway 211 when she came to Dee Kennedy Road with the intention of turning left. She was in the far left lane and when she was hit from behind by another vehicle. It was discovered that the other driver had been following too closely and not given themselves the proper space to stop; therefore, it was determined that they were fully at fault for the accident. Following the collision, our client suffered severe neck and back pain, causing her to have to