We live in a world where everyone wants to be connected at all times. Widespread adoption of smartphones, smart watches and smart cars with Wi-Fi have turned our society into a selfie-taking, Twitter-updating, Facebook-reacting generation.

But studies have shown our addiction to always being constantly connected is leading to thousands of distracted driving accidents annually. Today, 1 in 4 motor vehicle crashes involve a cellphone and nearly 9 people lose their lives every day due to accidents involving distracted driving.

Georgia’s Laws Regarding Texting While Driving

Many states, including Georgia, have passed legislation banning the use of hand-held cell phones for drivers. Georgia also bans drivers from texting while driving using a cell phone, computer or any other wireless device. Offenders are subject to a $150 fine and a point against their driving record should law enforcement catch them texting while driving. Georgia’s cell phone and texting ban are considered primary laws.

What is a primary law? – A primary law is a law that allows an officer to stop a motorist for the offense without having to witness another violation. Under primary laws, an officer can stop and ticket you if they saw you texting or using a handheld cell phone. Under secondary laws, an officer can only stop you for texting while driving if they witness you committing another violation, like running a red light.

Teens and Texting While Driving

Teen drivers are one of the most at-risk demographic for accidents caused by distracted driving. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, 11 teens die every day due to distracted driving accidents. Despite overwhelming statistics highlighting the dangers of texting while driving, many teens justify their texting while driving habits by increasing following distance between cars, or only texting at a stop sign or red light.

Were You Hit By a Distracted Driver?

Although cellphone use while driving has been proven to be extremely dangerous, drivers continue to use them. According to a survey, Georgia has the third-highest rate of drivers who text while driving. Another survey revealed that 35% of Georgia drivers admit to using their cell phones every day while driving.

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Proving Negligence

In order to sue for damages, you must provide evidence of negligence. Negligence occurs when a driver fails to exercise reasonable care toward others on the road. Cell phone use while driving has proven to be distracting to drivers. When drivers are distracted, whether by a phone call or by a text, they are failing to exercise reasonable care on the road.

Careless driving includes:

  • Looking down to read a text message
  • Driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a cell phone
  • Viewing a video or changing the music from your cell phone
  • Getting distracted by a phone conversation

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