At The Kalka Law Group, when we accept a case, it means that we believe the case has merit and we believe our client deserves compensation for the losses they have suffered. To illustrate this, in a recent case involving an auto collision with a tractor trailer and our client, we hired accident reconstruction specialists to reconstruct the accident in question.

The reconstructionists performed a detailed accident analysis which included engine speed download, and an airbag speed download. The reconstructionists also tested the crush resistance and crush analysis factors. As mentioned above, our client was in an accident with a semi truck, the accident totaled our client’s pickup truck and because of his injuries, he now has to wear an external fixation device.

An external fixation surgical instrument places screws into the bone above and below the fracture; the device is attached to the screws from outside of the skin, where it can be adjusted to realign the bone. These devices are worn outside of the body and they are used to stabilize severe open fractures, to stabilize infected nonunions, to treat pelvic ring disruptions, and to improve a number of other conditions. With external fixation devices, holes are drilled into the uninjured areas of the bone around the fracture and special bolts or wires are screwed into the holes. A rod or curved piece of metal with special ball-and-socket joints joins the bolts so that a rigid support is established. Patients must maintain proper cleaning in order to prevent infection at the site of surgery. This is the type of device that our client needed after the accident that totaled his pickup truck.

At The Kalka Law Group, we understand what our clients are going through and we always strive to obtain as much compensation for them as possible. For this reason, we regularly enlist the services of accident reconstruction experts, particularly when we believe a case would benefit from acquiring scientific evidence to back up our theories. Vehicular accident reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating and analyzing what factors contributed to and caused a motor vehicle collision. We hire accident reconstructionists, who are experts, in order to conduct an in-depth collision analysis of exactly what went wrong. These conclusions are based entirely on scientific evidence and the laws of physics; engineering principles such as the conservation of linear momentum and kinematics are used as the basis of the analysis.

In the end, the results of accident reconstruction can be very helpful in determining what factors went into causing an accident. Accident reconstructions are generally conducted by forensic engineers, specialized units in law enforcement, or private consultants that evaluate the evidence from accident scenes. It was the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) that funded the first national guidelines and standardized the training for field or traffic accident reconstruction, this occurred in 1985. Eventually the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) was formed; this is an industry accreditation organization.

At The Kalka Law Group, we take pride in helping our clients and we are committed to professional excellence in all that we do. We are not afraid to put work into our clients’ cases and we are not afraid to back them up financially because we are aware that sometimes it’s the scientific evidence that is needed to push an uncooperative insurance company over the edge into claiming financial responsibility. If you or someone you love was recently injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney from our firm without delay!