Atlanta personal injury firm The Kalka Law Group has obtained $95,000 at mediation for their injured client who was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer in late February 2013. The investigating officer examined the scene and wrote a citation for the truck driver for following too closely, establishing clear liability.

The victim experienced a headache and neck pain in the immediate aftermath and later left work early after vomiting. This accident set into motion several weeks of visits to see doctors and specialists as the victim’s head, neck, and knee pain became almost debilitating. Months later, the victim is in better condition although not totally free from pain and is unable to run as they once could and will likely need treatment well into the future.

The victim’s medical treatment including x-rays and surgeries amounted to over $23,000. The Kalka Law Group sued the trucking company and their insurance provider. Only after The Kalka Law Group deposed the client’s treating surgeon and obtained favorable medical testimony was the firm able to recover damages totaling $95,000.

Were you injured in a truck accident? Turn to The Kalka Law Group to recover the damages you need to cover your medical expenses and any emotional trauma.