The Kalka Law Group has recently secured an impressive $275,000 settlement for our client in an ongoing motor vehicle accident case. We took one defendant to mediation to discuss liability in the crash and negotiate a fair settlement amount. There is a second defendant named in this case who has not yet accepted liability or offered a settlement. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers are steadfast in the representation of our client and will be insistent upon getting every last penny they deserve.

(As this case is still ongoing between our client and one of the defendants, we cannot divulge too much personal or exact information at this time. However, we can share some basic details about the event that occurred.)

Our Promise

We are committed to securing the owed compensation from the second defendant. Our team of personal injury lawyers has 30+ years of legal experience managing high-stakes and complex claims and working with stubborn insurance companies. We are confident we can find success with the second named defendant, either through mediation or litigation.

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