According to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, rain increases the risk of a fatal crash by roughly 34%. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always the sole cause of these types of car accidents. Instead, it’s often someone else’s negligent actions in the terrible weather that results in collisions.

Here are the top five causes of crashes involving negligence in terrible weather:

1. Speeding

Regardless of the posted speed limits, you should ensure that you’re driving safe for the conditions on the road. When rain falls, it impacts traction and visibility. You may not be able to stop quick enough when approaching traffic if you’re traveling at a high rate of speed. You must ensure you’re driving safely, even if it means slowing down and giving space to other drivers on the road.

2. Tailgating

Tailgating occurs when someone follows too close to another driver on the road. You must ensure that you’re giving the driver in front of you enough room. If you need to stop suddenly, the rain can cause problems. If you have enough space in front of you, you can prevent an accident. Following too closely leads to numerous crashes each year.

3. Lack Of Maintenance

When you notice something wrong with your vehicle, you perform the necessary work to keep it running smoothly. Not everyone does this, though, and puts everyone on the road in danger. Lack of maintenance can include failing to change worn brakes, using worn windshield wipers, and driving with low tire tread.

4. Distractions

Distractions are problematic in even the best weather. One type of distraction is a manual distraction—or anything that takes at least one hand off the steering wheel. However, in the rain, one hand is not enough to regain control should you lose it, and a severe collision can occur.

5. Inexperience

Inexperienced drivers have a hard time in terrible weather. For instance, if you lose control, you should turn into a skid and remove your foot from the gas. An inexperienced driver may try to go against the skid and hit his or her brakes. This action can cause the vehicle to spin out even more, and a crash can occur.

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