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Bicycle riding is a popular form of transportation, especially in climates as warm as Georgia. Although this form of transportation is very convenient, it can be extremely dangerous - especially when the other drivers on the road are negligent.

The injuries sustained in a cycling accident are often catastrophic. These life-changing injuries could leave the victim and their families with exorbitant medical bills and the need for lifelong medical care.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

It may seem like common sense that drivers should avoid bicyclists at all costs, since they know the damage that their vehicles can do to unprotected cyclists. However, bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles still occur at an alarming rate in Atlanta. Although both motorists and cyclists have been to blame for such accidents, negligent drivers of trucks, cars, and SUVs are the cause behind the majority of bicycle accidents and injuries.

Common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Running a red light
  • Speeding
  • Swerving into the bike lane
  • Not looking before turning left or right
  • Distracted driving (texting while driving)
  • Backing out of a parking space
  • Turning out of a driveway

Cars are bigger, heavier, and travel faster than bicycles. Therefore, if a car and bicycle get into an accident, catastrophic injuries or fatalities are likely to result. Since bicycle accidents with motor vehicles occur frequently, it is a good idea for cyclists to learn how to avoid them, if possible.

Why do cyclists ride in door zones?

Reasons that cyclists ride too close to doors include:

  • The bike lanes may be too narrow or within the door zone.
  • Cyclists may be hesitant to ride closer to moving traffic.
  • Cyclists may think that they have left enough room, but fail to account for the longer doors that can be up to 4 ½ feet long.

In Georgia, the law states that every person operating a bicycle on a roadway should ride as far to the right side of the road as possible, except for when avoiding hazards, the lane is too narrow, turning left, traveling at the same speed as traffic, or exercising caution when passing a vehicle that is parked or traveling in the same direction. However, this law does not intend for bicyclists to ride too close to parked cars. If you can safely ride farther from parked cars without moving into traffic, it may be in your best interest to do so.

Cyclists need to slow down, ride patiently, and watch out for parked cars and their surroundings in order to try and avoid car and bicycle accidents in Atlanta. However, a cyclist can do everything cautiously and still be injured by an opening car door.

How do you know if you are riding a bike too close to parked cars?

No specific law in Georgia states how far away a bicyclist should ride from parked cars. Some states believe that bicyclists should ride three feet away from parked cars for safety reasons, while other states want cyclists to ride five feet away from parked cars. Because car door lengths and street widths differ, it is up to the cyclists to make sure that they are not riding too close to parked cars or too far out into traffic.

It makes sense that cyclists would want to ride closer to the parked cars, because it keeps them closer to the side of the road and out of traffic. However, parked cars can be just as dangerous as moving traffic.

Even though it is the automobile driver's responsibility to look out for a cyclist before he or she exits the vehicle, cyclists should remember to not ride too close to parked cars for their own safety. When a cyclist rides in the "door zone," a door can suddenly swing into the path of the individual, stopping the bicycle as the cyclist continues in motion and leading to a serious bicycle accident.

Cyclists should not be riding in the door zone (which is too close to parked cars), and drivers of all vehicles should not be careless. Rather, drivers should look to see if a cyclist is approaching their vehicle before opening the car door.

What If I Was Injured in a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident?

  • In cases of injury, or property damage in excess of $500, report immediately, or as soon as practicable, by the quickest means of communication, the accident to the local police, office of county sheriff, or nearest state patrol.
  • File within 30 days of reporting the accident, a statement under oath setting forth the facts of the accident and claiming that he/she has a cause of action for damages against an unidentified person; and
  • Make available for inspection, at the insurance company's request, the auto that the insured was occupying at the time of the accident.

Examples of Common Bike Injuries

Cyclists have very little to protect them if struck by a large vehicle. Because of this incompatibility, the injuries sustained in bicycle crashes can be life-altering, leaving you with lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the inability to fully support yourself and your family for the remainder of your life.

We represent victims of negligence who have sustained serious injuries in Atlanta bike accidents including:

Crucial Steps to Take after Sustaining a Road Burn in a Bicycle Accident

  • Seek medical attention. Road burns from your body sliding across pavement can be mild or severe. They require medical attention to ensure that the injured areas do not get infected. A doctor also needs to treat the burns so that they heal properly. Even if you only receive a scrape, it can still leave scarring. An avulsion injury typically requires more medical treatment, stitches, and possibly a skin graft.
  • Seek legal help. Whatever type of road burn you suffer, the negligent party may be held liable. You have legal options, and therefore should speak with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney to find out what type of damages you can seek in your specific case.

The injuries that you sustain in an Atlanta bike crash can leave you with pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. You may need compensation to deal with these injuries properly.

How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Ways to avoid bicycle accidents with motor vehicles include:

  • Get a mirror
  • Use hand signals
  • Get a bell or horn
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Always use headlights and rear lights when riding at dawn, dusk, or night
  • Don't listen to music. Instead, pay attention to what's happening around you on the road
  • Don't ride in blind spots
  • Don't ride on sidewalks
  • Don't ride against the flow of traffic

Although some of these suggestions are not laws, it is wise to do your part so that you do not end up suffering injuries due to a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle. However, if you have been injured in a Georgia bicycle accident due to a negligent or aggressive driver, then you may be entitled to compensation. Also, if you have lost a loved one in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, then please contact a skilled Atlanta bicycle accident attorney for legal advice today.

Contact The Kalka Law Group today at (404) 907-1594 to speak to an experienced bicycle accident attorney about the details surrounding your accident and injuries.

Determining Fault in a Georgia Bike Accident

Cyclists are often assumed to be at fault in a car and bicycle crash. Bikers are seen as a nuisance on roadways and are often on the receiving end of other drivers' aggression. Along with holding the same responsibilities as the other vehicles on the roadways, you also have the right to the same treatment. You have the right to your space and you have the right to safety; however, those rights are frequently compromised by negligent drivers.

Because of the complexity of Georgia bike wreck cases, you need an attorney who will examine every possible angle to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. By performing a line-of-sight reconstruction, we are able to prove unequivocally that there is no way the other vehicle shouldn't have seen you.

We also pull cell phone records to determine if the other driver was distracted at the time of the accident. The paint transfer on the negligent driver's vehicle can also be extremely helpful to your case, as it can disprove their claims that you darted in front of them.

Can Other Cyclists Be Considered Negligent and Cause a Bike Crash?

Yes, absolutely. Bike crashes frequently occur when a cyclist crashes into another cyclist. Just like the traffic rules, bicycle rules are necessary to follow. As a firm who represents bike crash victims, The Kalka Law Group know the process those victims go through following an accident.

We represented a client who was hit by a cyclist biking on the wrong side of the bike path and who suffered severe neck and head injuries. Our client had to undergo a spinal fusion in the neck, surrounded with additional long-term medical treatment. We were able to get that client receive the maximum settlement available.

What are My Legal Options After Bike Accident?

If you have been injured, or a love one has been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident then it is important to contact an experienced attorney. We will discuss with you your legal rights against the at fault driver. We will also discuss the availability of insurance coverage that protects and safe guards against bicycle accidents.

If you are unsure of your next steps and need help, call our office for a free consultation today.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to Deal With Insurance After an Accident?

Although the insurance settlement that you are offered may seem tempting, the reality is that the insurance company knows how much money it will take to ensure you are taken care of for the remainder of your life, but will not offer that compensation right away.

The insurance company of the liable party will try to settle your case for as little as possible; therefore, it is extremely important to consult with an Atlanta bike injury attorney before signing any paperwork or accepting any statements.

History of Recovering Compensation

You have enough to worry about - why should you have to worry about paying legal fees as well? Why would you want to work with a lawyer who charges you for their time? And why should you pay when you did not receive any compensation for your injury case?

At The Kalka Law Group, we put our money where our mouth is. We don't make empty promises and charge you if we don't succeed. We are so confident that we could obtain a favorable settlement for you, that you will not pay anything until we recover compensation.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know? Everyone under the age of 16 who is operating or being a passenger on a bicycle must wear a helmet. Georgia law 40-6-296(e)(1) states that any rider under 16 on any road or pathway shall be required to wear a helmet. Helmets are the most important piece of safety gear a cyclist can have. Wearing a helmet when riding reduces the chance of serious head injury by 85%. If you are in a bike crash and your helmet absorbs the crash impact, replace your helmet even if it does not appear damaged.
  • Did you know? Every Georgia cyclist should equip his/her bicycle with a light on the front when riding at nighttime. Georgia law 40-6-296(a) states that a light on the front of a bicycle should be a white light visible from a distance of 300 feet in front of the bike. Also, the bicycle should be equipped with a red reflector on the rear of the bike that is visible from behind from a distance of 300 feet.
  • Did you know? Any person proven to be an aggressive driver to a cyclist can be charged with a misdemeanor crime. Georgia law 40-6-397(a) states misdemeanor charges apply to those drivers of a high and aggravated manner.

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