An accident occurred between four cars headed southbound on I-85 near the Lenox Road and Cheshire Bridge Road exit. One vehicle in particular was rear-ended by another car, causing the vehicle in front to skid across the highway and into the far left lane. The driver had no control over their vehicle at this time. Once the car came to rest for a good amount of time, another vehicle attempting to bypass the accident scene sped by the vehicle in the far left lane and collided with it at a fast speed. This second collision was worse than the first for the driver of the car and he suffered a fractured sternum as a result of the second hit.

The victim of this accident retained The Kalka Law Group to seek financial compensation to help cover the cost of his medical expenses and recovery. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys were able to obtain a $100,000 settlement by proving negligence and reckless behavior on the part of the driver who slammed into our client’s car.

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