Traveling westbound on I-16, an accident occurred when the driver of a Ford Ranger that was towing a vehicle, lost control of their car while attempting to avoid a collision in congested traffic. The Ford Ranger only has the towing capacity of 1,565-3,583 pounds; however, the driver had recklessly chosen to tow a vehicle that was approximately 4,000 pounds. When the Ford Ranger lost control of their truck, the vehicle they were towing jackknifed and together the two vehicles hit three other vehicles.

Our client was driving ahead of the towing vehicle, but was struck from behind when they lost control. It caused the airbags to deploy and some minor head injuries to the driver. Upon further medical treatment after the collision, it was discovered that our client suffered permanent hearing loss due to the accident. In an effort to disprove this, the defense attorney sent our client to an independent medical examination, to which we sent our videographer to film the entire examination as proof. Through the dedicated pursuit from our Atlanta personal injury lawyers, we were able to procure a $165,000 settlement for them.

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