Our client was driving northbound along Highway 211 near Winder, GA. She came to a stop in the far left lane with the intention of turning left onto Dee Kennedy Road. As our client was waiting to turn, another driver struck the rear of her vehicle. The at-fault driver behind our client was following too closely and did not provide the proper amount of room to stop. Liability was clear at the scene of the accident and the at-fault driver, who rear-ended our client, was found to be at fault.

Understanding Our Client’S Back And Neck Injuries

In the weeks and months following the accident, our client started to experience neck and back pain. She had previously undergone a surgical procedure for chronic neck pain, so her neck was in a more fragile state to begin with. The injuries that were sustained as a result of the accident were still deemed to be the responsibility of the other driver, regardless of her pre-existing condition.

Our client experienced relentless pain along her neck, back, and left shoulder, even reaching down to her legs. Though she tried physical therapy for several months, after multiple doctor’s opinions, surgery became necessary to repair her cervical fusion. Even after this procedure, she experienced continued pain and an MRI revealed a disc extrusion was damaging nerves in her back. She underwent a second surgery and is now participating in intensive physical therapy as she continues to recover.

Recovering Compensation

By determining that the other driver was solely at fault for the car accident and through a thorough investigation of the case, The Kalka Law Group recovered a $350,000 settlement for our client. This will help to cover the expenditures associated with her injuries, including surgical procedures, physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, and MRIs, as well as any future medical expenses. Additionally, this financial compensation is intended to cover her pain and suffering in the aftermath of the accident.

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