Our client was driving along the road when another driver turned left in front of them unexpectedly. They did not have time to prevent the collision due to the suddenness of the other driver’s turn, as well as their immediate proximity. The result was a serious car accident caused by the other driver’s negligent decision to turn left when the intersection was not clear.

Severe & Complicated Injuries Suffered Due to the Collision

Our client was severely injured as a result of the crash, feeling immediate and debilitating leg pain, as well vomiting, indicating either a brain injury or organ damage. They were able to get to the hospital for diagnoses and treatments, including radiological imaging to identify why they experienced involuntary vomiting after the crash. The only obvious harm after the first round of imaging was a left ankle fracture.

At a second hospital, an “enlarged hematoma” was found on their right breast and they were transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) due to being given too much medication by hospital staff. They were sent home days later while still experiencing significant pain in their left ankle and leg.

Due to the extensiveness of the injuries, our client was not able to take care of themselves in a day-to-day capacity. They had to retain the help of an in-home care service while on bedrest, as the doctor recommended. Their situation was made all the worse by the fact that they had recently overcome consistent back pain, but it returned worse than before due to the crash. The medicine needed for the car accident injuries also prevented them from receiving the same treatments utilized before, including epidural injections.

The enlarged hematoma worsened over time and they returned to their medical provider, who eventually determined it should be surgically removed. After surgery prep was finished, they were rushed to another emergency department for a different surgery, as it had been discovered they had a life-threatening blood clot in their neck. By the time the hematoma was successfully removed, our client had been completely incapacitated for more than two months. They still live with noticeable debilitations that require a walker.

Damages Accrued by Our Client

All of their treatments and surgeries have resulted in significant medical expenses. Their noneconomic damages include a severely lessened enjoyment of life. Before the accident, our client was fully mobile and independent. Now, they must rely on a walker and they live with chronic pain in their ankle and back.

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at The Kalka Law Group were adamant about doing everything for our client and never backing down from the case. In recognition of our tenacity and skill, as well as the fault of the other driver, the case was settled for a total of $350,000. The insurance company agreed to $250,000 to be paid in exchange for a limited liability release and another $150,000 to be paid through insurance coverage.

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