Driving southbound on I-85, our client was traveling in the far left lane when a tow truck crossed over into their lane turning left towards the median. The tow truck attempted to make an illegal U-turn in between the pillars of the crossover bridge, right in front of our client’s car. No cars or trucks are allowed to legally drive across an unpaved and unmarked section between two roadways. Our client could not move out of the way fast enough to avoid striking them from behind. Due to the impact, our client’s car ran into the median and overturned.

Our Client’s Head Injuries

Immediately following the crash, our client was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that he suffered serious head trauma, had lost several teeth, and had numerous facial fractures. He had to undergo immediate surgery to fix the fracture in his jaw and a non-surgical procedure to fix the choroidal rupture in his left eye. Additional fractures existed in his face, but these had to be treated with additional surgeries at a later date about a month after the accident. The injuries our client sustained not only caused immense pain and suffering, but will also continue to affect him for the rest of his life.

Fighting the Insurance Company’s Claims

Initially, the tow truck’s insurance company denied liability, claiming that their client had used his flashing emergency lights and that he had signaled his left turn far in advance of him actually turning into the median.

Our experienced Atlanta injury attorneys, Tony Kalka and Matthew Broun, however, discovered that the lights the tow truck was using were aftermarket lights that did not meet code. They were not steady brake lights, but rather they just flashed and blinked rapidly, which is against commercial truck code. By proving this act of negligence on the part of the tow truck company, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Broun successfully won the case and settled it for $1 million on behalf of our client. This settlement not only covers his medical expenses past, present, and future, but also covers the time he had to take away from his job, emotional and physical pain and suffering, and other costs associated with the accident.

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