In Cobb County, a bicyclist by the name of Stewart Bryson was riding when an aggressive truck driver sped around him and slammed on his brakes directly in front of him. With no way of going around the truck and not having enough time to stop his bike, the sudden braking caused Bryson to slam into the back of the truck. Immediately after the incident, the truck driver drove off and left Bryson stranded in the middle of the road without waiting for help to show up or check on whether or not he was alright.

Bryson says that he is not sure how long he went unconscious following the collision, but he just recollects staring up at the sky when he finally realized what had happened. He then realized that the driver had driven off and left him there with a broken neck.

The whole incident, however, was caught on Bryson’s GoPro camera that he always keeps with him when riding. From this footage, the police were able to decipher the truck driver’s license plate number and subsequently arrest him within 30 minutes of the crash for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Attorney Kalka’s Statements Regarding The Case

Attorney Tony Kalka, who has been chosen by Bryson to represent him in his personal injury case, has given the following statement.

“If the truck driver had stopped, it may have been a different case, but he did not. He left someone in the middle of the street with a broken neck and that’s just not right.”

He also pointed out that drivers must follow Georgia State laws with regards to sharing the road with bicyclists and treating accidents with bikes in the same way you would treat a car accident.

“Bicyclists are entitled to the same rights as other drivers on the road,” he said. “This is a hit and run case, simple as that. You cannot leave the scene of an accident especially when there may have been injuries.”

As for Bryson, he is just hoping for a full recovery, but there is no guarantee of that, especially with an injury as severe as a broken neck. Attorney Kalka and the entire team at The Kalka Law Group are committed to fighting to protect the rights of Mr. Bryson and will do so relentlessly.

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