Atlanta personal injury attorney Tony Kalka, representing injured horse-drawn carriage driver Donald Borchardt, filed a civil lawsuit in DeKalb County Superior Court against the driver who hit Mr. Borchardt on April 16, 2010 in an Atlanta horse and buggy accident.

Mr. Borchardt was giving three Atlanta tourists a horse and buggy ride when a car that was racing down Peachtree Street hit the rear of the carriage and sent everyone onboard flying through the air. Mr. Borchardt was thrown about 30 feet and suffered catastrophic injuries to his body, including a broken clavicle, six broken ribs, a fractured neck, and a serious head injury.

The 62-year-old horse-drawn carriage operator enjoyed showing tourists around downtown Atlanta as a way of supplementing his retirement income. Since Mr. Borchardt cannot work and has suffered lost wages due to his multiple serious injuries and disabilities, he is seeking damages against Gerald Odom, the driver who hit the horse-drawn carriage, and Progressive Mountain Insurance Company.

The case went to mediation, but the settlement that the insurance company offered did not even cover Mr. Borchardt’s medical costs, which have exceeded $30,000. Now the citizens of DeKalb County will decide the verdict against Odom and Progressive Mountain Insurance in a jury trial.

Odom, 28, was arrested for driving on a suspended license and charged with driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, and violating the open container law. Odom’s arraignment was scheduled for February 14, 2011.

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