Fall weather can often be unpredictable, and there are some days where it may be worse than others. In any situation, you need to ensure that you are prioritizing your own safety to avoid potential harm on the road in a crash.

Of course, you can never fully predict what another driver will do, but you should recognize what you can do to stay as safe as possible. There are very specific things you can do to maintain your vehicle and prepare for the fall weather.

Keep Your Wipers Fresh

Your windshield wipers need to be in the best condition possible. It’s vital whenever the rain begins to fall. Broken, cracked, or worn down windshield wipers can leave streaks, reducing your visibility, increasing the potential of a crash.

Check Your Brakes And Tires

As the weather worsens and rain starts to fall, floors can become more difficult to travel on, especially when stopping. You want to ensure you’re taking care of your brakes and tires to ensure you can stop should you need to brake on a rainy surface and maintain control. Your tires should also have enough tread to ensure traction.

Ensure Your Lights Are Working

Your headlights, running lights, brake lights, and blinkers are imperative on the road. They not only help with your own visibility; they help others see you and what you’re doing. Make sure they are working properly, especially if you intend on driving at night.

Check Under Your Hood

Look for anything that may be cracked, leaking, loose, broken, or bad. If you see that you have a problem, you should work quickly to get things changed. You don’t have to wait for a weird sound to indicate a problem. This should be a routine part of maintenance that you consider regularly.

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