In a majority of car accidents, only two people are injured, the two drivers who collided. However, in some circumstances, one of the drivers may have passengers in the vehicle. This begs the question when a passenger is injured by another driver, does he or she have the right to file a lawsuit?

Passengers In Auto Accidents

When a driver injures passengers, it can result in lawsuits. For example, if a negligent driver crashes into another vehicle carrying passengers and those passengers suffer injuries, the injured can sue for damages.

In fact, anyone injured by a driver can sue for damages. This is why pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and other people can sue drivers when they are injured.

In most situations, passengers who ride with drivers are friends and family members. Therefore, if a driver injures his or her own passengers, they typically wouldn’t sue. However, things are different with rideshare drivers.

Rideshare Drivers & Accidents

If a rideshare driver acts negligently and injuries his or her passengers, those passengers can sue him or her. Additionally, passengers who suffer injuries in rideshare accidents may have the right to sue to rideshare companies directly given the circumstances of the accident.

Injured As A Passenger?

Passengers injured in accidents have the right to pursue personal injury claims against the responsible parties. Therefore, passengers can seek damages against negligent drivers if they wish. However, this can be hard without experienced representation.

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