When you suffer an injury in a weather-related collision, does your insurance work with you to provide compensation?

The question above is one that we often receive because people are unsure of what rights they have following a collision involving natural causes. They often assume that nobody is at fault because rain or fog plays such a significant role in dangers on the road.

You should know how to handle a claim when the weather is the potential cause of a crash in which you suffer injuries and property damage.

Negligence Can Still Be A Factor

Just because the weather is terrible doesn’t mean negligence does not exist. People must still operate their vehicles with the conditions of the road in mind. They must not only follow the laws of the road, but they must also exercise additional caution to stay safe in treacherous weather.

Negligence exists in situations when people:

  • Drive too fast for the weather conditions
  • Follow too close to other vehicles
  • Swerve in and out of lanes without looking for other vehicles
  • Fail to maintain their vehicle as the weather worsens

You should know where others are liable for causing an accident, so you are aware of your rights to pursue compensation.

Knowing Whose Insurance Pays

If negligence is involved, you may have the right to go through the other party’s insurance company to get compensation. The claims-filing process remains the same, and you start with reporting the accident to your insurance provider before anything else.

In situations where the weather is the sole factor in an accident, and no other vehicles play a role, your insurance policy will dictate what compensation you can receive. If you do not have the policy necessary to recover compensation, the insurance company will try to deny your claim.

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