When the police arrive at an accident scene, several things go into their written accident report. When you file an insurance claim, or if legal action is needed to recover damages from an irresponsible driver, how much influence does a police report have?

Here’s what you need to know:

When Should the Police Respond to an Accident?

Police officers are commonly dispatched to car wrecks when there is a death or injury reported, traffic is blocked, or when one or more parties in the collision are believed to be intoxicated or showing violent tendencies.

When you’re in an auto accident, call 911 to ask for medical assistance and police. Be as clear and concise as possible when speaking to the 911 dispatcher.

Will a Police Report Determine Liability?

If the accident was reported to the police or 911 was called to report injuries, there will be a police report. Get in contact with the local law enforcement traffic division to look into getting a copy of the police report.

Many police reports contain the opinion of the officer that responded about whose fault it was. If one party broke any laws, that information would be added in the report. In most cases, any general or specific mention of the other party breaking a law that led to the accident is enough to satisfy an insurance company.

Is A Police Report Needed?

A police report is not necessary to prove fault or liability in a car accident, but having one helps tremendously and can influence a quick resolution of any issues that arise. Following an accident, insurance companies typically want to know who was at fault because it commonly determines whose insurance is responsible for covering damages.

Police reports can provide sound evidence of various matters of fault because they are the officer’s formal account of the events that transpired. In addition, there are usually detailed points from accidents, including things like the positions of the vehicles on the road or the length of skid marks.

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