With any car accident, there’s a possibility of injury occurring. Unfortunately, some injuries are not always immediately apparent for numerous reasons. It’s important for you to receive medical care quickly following an accident so you can help best safeguard your rights.

Our team wants you to understand the potential of latency issues when it comes to injuries in a car accident, so you know your rights. Once you have this understanding, you can have a better plan of what comes next.

What Causes A Latency?

There are multiple reasons that an injury may not appear immediately. Here are two of the main factors that may impact this:

  • Shock and adrenaline: The immediate aftermath of an accident can involve significant shock and adrenaline because of the situation. Adrenaline can be very powerful and make it as though you don’t feel the pain from any injury you sustain.
  • Certain injuries don’t show immediately: Some injuries may not manifest because they are an underlying issue for something else. For instance, you may suffer a crash that causes pressure on your back, but you don’t feel pain until the disc begins to bulge, which can damage spinal cord nerves. This may take weeks to arise.

How Do I Report An Accident With Latent Injuries?

If you don’t feel the pain of an injury immediately, you want to make it clear to the insurance company that you intend to seek medical care as quickly as possible. Just because you don’t feel the pain of an injury immediately doesn’t mean it’s not present. Medical care can help protect you from the insurance company claiming that you were injured in a different incident.

Insurance companies try to take advantage of your situation, and if they can claim you didn’t suffer an injury, it can serve their mission well.

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