Our client was driving in his lane, maintaining appropriate control of his vehicle, when another driver who was driving slightly ahead of them and to the left, merged without warning into our client’s lane. This impact struck the side of our client’s vehicle, sending him careening out of control before crashing into the road’s curb. Due to the circumstances, it was clear the other was entirely at fault for the car accident.

Extensive Wrist Injuries Suffered by Our Client

Emergency medical technicians transported our client to the hospital for examinations and treatments after noting his right wrist was obviously deformed from the crash. An x-ray revealed he suffered a double dislocation of the ulna and a fracture to the right radius. To correct his injuries caused by the other driver’s negligence, our client needed finger traps, wrist splints, surgery, and extensive occupational therapy.

Through the course of several months, they received continued occupational therapy and did everything they could to care for their injury but found minimal relief. After follow-up visits and consistent pain, they received a basal joint injection to help alleviate the pain. Discomfort continued still and they would later be told more surgery would be needed. To date, our client has significantly limited function in their wrist as well as pain that consistently rates moderately, none of which are expected to heal or improve with time.

Medical Bills Accrue & Compensation is Deserved

As a result of their injuries, our client has incurred extensive medical bills that drained their finances. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers of The Kalka Law Group demanded within the claim we managed for him $250,000, which represents the maximum possible under the uninsured motorist insurance coverage. We are proud to say this demand was met in a settlement, as well as another $25,000 secured for liability.

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