The Kalka Law Group is handling the case of a Georgia woman was suffered serious injury to her right arm in April 2014. The client severely injured their right arm at a Home Depot Do-It-Herself Workshop where she was offered the chance to use a heavy duty power drill in Marietta.

The client suffered a broken bone in their right forearm and several torn ligaments when Home Depot let them and others use the drill to make a hole in a piece of wood. Although employees of Home Depot supervised the event, employees at the workshop did not provide the client with a vise or clamp to secure the wood as the drill manual advises.

Negligence by Home Depot Employees

Employees also told the client to drill the unsecured wood and did not advise them to anticipate the drill’s “kick,” which subsequently caused them to twist their arm awkwardly, causing serious injuries. Home Depot’s own warnings on using the drill were violated, leaving the warehouse chain responsible for the injuries.

The client was taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital where they were diagnosed with a comminuted distal radial shaft fracture and carpal tunnel compression. The client underwent surgery at Northwest Georgia Surgery Center where a volar plate was implanted. Afterwards, the client was discharged with a cast and pain medication.

The client later underwent physical therapy which continued into August. The client’s wrist has been permanently affected by visible injuries and they continue to have pain and loss of use their right arm, keeping them from work for six weeks.

The Kalka Law Group has taken up the case and is in communication with The Home Depot and the third-party claim administrator Sedgwick Claim Management.

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