Our client was driving through McDonough, Georgia when they came to a four-way stop. Another driver was also approaching the intersection at the same time. After waiting several seconds to ensure it was their turn to pass through the intersection, our client proceeded. The other driver ignored the stop signs, raced through the intersection, and collided directly into the passenger side of our client’s car. The violent impact was strong enough to slam their vehicle into a ditch.

Injuries Suffered in the Accident by Our Client

Our client suffered severe injuries in the car accident caused by the other reckless driver. Most notably, their left arm experienced excruciating pain immediately after the crash, which prompted them to accept ambulatory services to the hospital. Doctors began to perform diagnostic tests to discover all the extent of their injuries.

They found that our client had a closed fracture in their left arm, damage to their right ankle, and a chest wall contusion. They were given prescriptions to help with pain and swelling and were also referred to an orthopedic doctor. Over the course of several weeks, our client saw additional doctors who put their arm in splints and casts. All the while, they also experienced chest pain and episodes of labored breathing.

Our client’s medical providers did not recommend surgery due to the risk of complications, but instead followed the doctor’s instructions and continued more conservative approaches to treatments and rehabilitation.

Career Complications Due to Their Injuries

Our client was employed as a corrections officer prior to the accident. Due to the severity and permanence of their injuries, they could no longer perform most of their job functions and duties, including the effective handling of a firearm in case of emergency. They were entirely unable to report to work for more than four consecutive months, which ended up costing them extensively in lost wages.

The missing wages were made all the more cumbersome on their finances since they were also accruing significant medical bills. Our team of Atlanta personal injury attorneys of The Kalka Law Group knew we had to seek nothing less than the maximum compensation amount possible for our client. They had unfairly experienced extreme economic damages and severe pain and suffering.

Obtaining a Case Victory for Our Client

After filing our demand with the liable party’s insurance company, we prepared ourselves for any possible resistance. Our law firm is renowned throughout Georgia for creating solid plaintiff cases that puts the advantage in our clients’ favor. We are pleased to announce we were able to secure $120,000 in total for our client.

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