The Kalka Law Group, helps those who have suffered a personal injury throughout Atlanta but is also dedicated to serving those in need throughout the local communities of Atlanta. We believe in giving aid to those in need through various ways. Recently, we were given the opportunity to support a remarkable local non-profit organization, CHRIS 180.

What Does CHRIS 180 Do as an Organization?

Each year they help over 5,100 people by providing real-world skill building opportunities, safe housing and mental health counseling to adults, children, and families throughout Atlanta. Their mission is to heal children, strengthen families and build community. Their goal is to help those who have experienced trauma positively change the direction of their lives while becoming self-sufficient and more productive members of the local community.

They currently operate a counseling center, run eight group homes for youth in foster care, host an apartment complex for homeless youth, help to find children their “forever family” through adoption, and provide training to the broader community.

What Does The Kalka Law Group’s Support Provide?

Through the proceeds donated by The Kalka Law Group, we are able to directly support CHRIS 180’s homeless youth program. They operate a 71-bed apartment complex for youth, ages 17-24 who are either currently homeless or run the risk of becoming homeless if they are close to aging out of foster care. Not only are these youth able to receive safe housing, but they also receive mental health counseling, life skills building, as well as education and career support. It is ultimately their goal to provide these youth with the tools they need to become self-sufficient adults.

Currently, there are over 3,300 homeless youth, ages 14-25, living on the streets of Atlanta each night. Thanks to the generous donation by The Kalka Law Group, CHRIS 180 can now give these at-risk youth the opportunity to succeed and lead healthy, productive lives.