Far too often, there are negligent drivers on the road, and they do things that can put the safety and health of others at significant risk. If you suffer any kind of injury in a crash, recognizing negligence is imperative, but it also means showing that the responsible driver was doing something dangerous.

Below, we’ll detail the most dangerous actions on the road and explain how they cause significant harm. In any of the situations below, you may identify a negligent driver when he or she is swerving, speeding up and slowing down randomly, braking suddenly, and more.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. In fact, roughly 40% of all crashes involve alcohol. Intoxication causes severe impairment, lack of decision-making abilities, cognitive issues, and more. The more someone drinks, the more dangerous it is.


Cellphones, the radio, eating and drinking, and more all serve as potential distractions for drivers on the road. Unfortunately, while people know how dangerous it is to be distracted, they often still partake in actions that make it difficult to drive safely. Distracted driving accounts for numerous accidents each year.


While it isn’t discussed nearly as much for potential causes of accidents, drowsy driving accounts for roughly 8-9% of all accidents. When someone is tired, not only do they close their eyes more often and for longer durations, they can begin to drift into other lanes and lose control of their vehicle, potentially leading to significant harm.

Inexperience And Passengers

While many young drivers can operate their vehicles safely, there are some who may be distracted by their passengers or otherwise be unaware of how to handle problems. Inexperience can be problematic on the road, and teens often make up some of the highest numbers in terms of crashes.

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