Have you ever heard of an “elephant race?” This is something that occurs when one large commercial truck tries to overtake another commercial truck. Unfortunately, when they do this, it’s only a very minimal speed difference (one to two miles per hour), and it often creates a backup of several vehicles.

While it’s often a necessary action, it can also lead to several dangers, and drivers should be aware of how to keep themselves safe. Here are some safety tips to consider whenever you find yourself near an elephant race.

Slow Down

Large commercial vehicles take time to speed up and brake. It helps you stay safe to slow down as they get in front of your vehicle to overtake another truck. While you would hope that they indicate their intentions, if you recognize one commercial truck approaching another quickly, anticipate that they may get over, and be sure to give yourself time to slow down just in case.

Give Drivers Behind You Time To React

An elephant race can cause a large vehicle backup. This means when you slow down, the vehicle behind you slows down, and so on. If one driver doesn’t slow down in time, it can cause a multi-vehicle crash. Make sure the vehicle behind you isn’t tailgating, but also make sure you’re not following too closely to the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t Become Aggressive

It’s easy to get frustrated if two large commercial trucks block both lanes. However, remember they have a job to do too. But also, know that if you become aggressive, an accident can occur, leading to some of the most catastrophic injuries.

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