The Kalka Law Group recently recovered $106,000 on behalf of a woman who was involved in a car accident due to a negligent driver attempting to make an illegal U-turn on McGinnis Ferry Road. When the two cars collided, The Kalka Law Group’s client suffered extensive injuries including a fractured nose, fracture elbow and injuries to her right wrist and shoulder. Immediately following the incident, the client was transported to the hospital where she required surgery for her injuries. The Kalka Law Group coordinated with her surgeon to film her nose surgery so that they could document the fact that they had to re-break her nose in order to fix it. The footage also proved the pain involved and showed the severity of the injuries that would take her months to heal from.

As a result of the injuries she sustained from the accident, the client was terminated from her current position as an esthetician because she was physically unable to perform her job. She was unable to return to work for 9 months after the accident.

The Kalka Law Group was successful in proving their client’s injuries were a direct result of negligent driving from the other party involved. They attorneys were able to recover $106,000 in the settlement which included 9 months of income that the woman lost, compensation for pain and suffering she sustained after the incident, and medical bills from the treatments and surgeries she underwent.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligence of another, you deserve to have a top-rated attorney on your side.

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