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How Serious is a Compound Fracture?

How Serious is a Compound Fracture?

A compound fracture is a fracture in which the injured bone sticks through the skin. Also known as an open fracture, a compound fracture can result from two types of causes.

  • Traumatic: from a high force impact or stress
  • Pathological: from a medical condition that weakens the bone

The traumatic type of fracture is often seen after a traffic accident. The Kalka Law Group has seen accident victims with this type of injury, commonly occurring in the wrist or arm, with bicycle, motorcycle and car crashes.

The impact that the driver (or rider) takes on after colliding with another vehicle is immense. It can jostle the body to be harmed. Cyclists and motorcyclists are at a higher risk to experience this type of injury from an accident. By the nature of the vehicle they ride, motorcyclists and bike riders are much more in danger when involved in an accident.

If you were riding your motorcycle or bicycle or even driving your car and involved in an accident where you suffered a compound fracture, please contact The Kalka Law Group today.

One of the hazardous things about open/compound fractures is where the bone exposes the injury to open air, which might cause contamination and lead to infection. Another reason why a compound fracture can be serious is the angulations or displacement that the fracture can create. The larger the displacement of the bone, the more treatment and recovery might be required to heal the bone completely.

So, how is a compound fracture treated?

Usually surgery. Compound fractures often require immediate surgery to treat the break in the bone as well as the break in the skin. Follow up treatment would include antibiotic medications, doctor appointments, and maybe even physical therapy.

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