Hit & Run Car Accident

“My daughter was hit by a car that fled the scene. Since we don’t know the driver, who is responsible for paying her medical bills after this Atlanta hit-and-run accident?”

We are sorry to hear that your daughter was injured. Atlanta hit-and-run accidents can be very confusing and complicated for the person who is injured and for the individual’s family. If the driver who hit your daughter cannot be found, then your daughter may have to file an insurance claim with her own insurance policy, even though she was not at fault.

Filing against the hit-and-run driver is essentially not an option. You could potentially wait to see if the police can track down the driver who caused the crash, but this is unlikely. Even with ample resources, law enforcement agencies struggle to identify hit-and-run drivers and bring them to justice. Unless there is concrete evidence of the crash – like dashcam footage – any driver who is ultimately caught will assuredly deny the entire thing, further adding to frustrations and uncertainties.

Who Pays in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage should cover your daughter’s compensation. However, this type of auto insurance coverage is optional, so there’s a chance she did not add it to her policy. If she does not have this type of insurance coverage, then her insurance company will probably not pay for her medical bills unless she accepts liability and files a claim under her own collision coverage. We know this isn’t fair, as your daughter is the victim.

The auto insurance company should be the one who pays in a hit-and-run accident if you have UM/UIM coverage, but there is no guarantee that the insurance company will cooperate and provide the owed damages. Many people find themselves in a fight with their own insurance companies after a hit-and-run accident when they were hoping to find financial and stress relief.

If your daughter’s insurance company is not providing compensation for her injuries, please call us so we can talk to you about your situation. There may be other avenues we can help you pursue.

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