The Kalka Law Group recently settled a case on behalf of a hit and run victim’s family. The victim was walking home from purchasing his dinner when he was struck and negligently killed by a driver from A-Tow towing company. According to witnesses, the driver struck the victim sending him 10 feet back into the road. The witness explains he saw the tow truck driver get out of his truck notice the victim still moving only to return to the cab and run the victim over again which killed him.

Attorney Kalka used expert witnesses, mathematic calculations and photos of the intersection to prove the truck driver was negligent. Kalka explained that the intersection of University Ave and Pryor Drive consists of heavy pedestrian traffic both day and night. Pedestrian traffic is controlled by walk signals in all directions and while there was not a painted crosswalk outlining the pedestrian pathway, there is a path for pedestrians as outlined by the concrete walkway in the median of University Ave. The Atlanta wrongful death attorney also used an equation to measure the illumination field of the tow truck driver’s headlights to explain how the driver was speeding.

Kalka & Bear successfully proved their client’s death was a direct result of the tow truck driver’s negligence. The attorneys recovered a sufficient sum to compensate the victim’s estate for funeral costs, pain and suffering, punitive damages and medical expenses.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to the negligence of another, you deserve to get the compensation you need to move forward.

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