Client Experiences Neck Pain After Rear-End Accident

Our client was driving her vehicle on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, GA when she was struck from behind by another car. There were three cars involved in the collision, and the accident was due to the first driver’s negligence. The first car was following too closely to the car in front of them, which caused them to rear-end them. This propelled the car in front to hit our client’s car. The police officer at the scene of the crash cited the first driver for following too closely and they were shown to be at fault.

Injuries Sustained and Medical Treatment

In the days following the accident, our client began experiencing pain and tingling throughout her body. After being evaluated by a Non-Surgical Orthopedics specialist, she had an MRI which revealed herniated and degenerated discs, as well as a rotator cuff sprain in her shoulder. Starting with physical therapy first, she ended up having to resort to epidural steroid injection treatments. Ultimately the pain would not subside and her doctor referred her to a back pain specialist, where she underwent a surgical procedure known as a cervical discectomy. This finally allowed her neck to be free of pain.

Recovering a Positive Settlement

Attorney Matthew Broun at The Kalka Law Group obtained a $250,000 settlement for his client by proving negligence on the part of the driver who rear-ended the first car. Our client had incurred extensive medical bills and spent months dealing with the pain of her injuries, which this financial compensation covered.

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