The Kalka Law Group and our team of Atlanta personal injury lawyers are proud to be able to announce we secured $200,000 for a car accident client. He was severely injured by a negligent driver, and it was not clear if the driver’s insurance provider would take his claim seriously. Every time we land a significant case result such as this one, it motivates us even further to continue doing our absolute best for our clients and people in need throughout Georgia.

Important Details of the Case

In late November 2016, our client was driving down Cobb Drive at approximately 7:00 PM. Due to the winter season beginning, the sky was already dark at that time, so headlight usage was necessary. When he approached an intersection to take a left turn, there were no headlights to be seen in the dark. As he proceeded into the intersection, he was unexpectedly hit by a driver, who did not have their headlights on, making their car effectively invisible. The force of the impact was so great, it threw our client’s car backwards into a third vehicle.

The driver of the third vehicle supplied a statement to say the negligent driver indeed did not have any headlights on. Police reports also noted that the headlight switch in the negligent driver’s car was set to “off” upon inspection. At this point, it was clear that liability should be placed fully upon the driver that hit our client.

The injuries our client suffered in the car accident were serious. He told emergency medical responders of pain in his hand, wrist, and knee. Multiple x-rays and scans were used to diagnose his conditions, revealing multiple fractures and internal injuries. After a few days of hospitalization, he was released with doctor’s orders to return in a week for follow-up examinations. It was deemed he required at least two months in-home occupational therapy and nursing care due to the extent and number of his injuries.

When all of his treatments were totaled, our client had a medical bill amounting to more than $80,000.00. Throughout his treatments, and to this day, our client experienced significant pain and suffering, as well as physical limitations caused by the injuries. We fought for the total coverage of all his medical bills and fair compensation for his trauma. In the end, our attorneys were able to recover $25,000.00 from limited liability insurance and $175,000.00 from Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage during mediation, adding to the total of $200,000.00.

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