Our client was traveling eastbound on Highway 293 in Bartow County on his motorcycle, when another driver traveling westbound made a left-hand turn in front of him. The other driver failed to yield to the oncoming traffic when he hit our client, causing his motorcycle to collide with their passenger door. Immediately our client was life-flighted from the scene of the accident to the hospital where he was examined for his injuries. The other driver was interviewed by the police who determined him to be fully at fault due to his improper left turn violation.

Extent Of Our Client’s Injuries

Once at the hospital, it was discovered that our client had suffered multiple catastrophic injuries including multiple fractures in his leg and both wrists. He underwent his first surgery for the fractures in his right leg the day after the accident. One week later, he had another surgical procedure to repair the fractures in both his left and right wrists.

He stayed in the hospital for another week and was then transferred to rehabilitation center for in-patient rehab. After the period of rehabilitation was over, both of his wrists had to be casted. He is still completing out-patient physical therapy for both his wrists and his leg. The total amount of his medical expenses to date is in excess of $345,932. Additionally, he missed an extensive amount of work hours costing him $5,600 in lost income.

$530,000 Settlement for Our Client

After relentless representation, The Kalka Law Group recovered a settlement of $530,000 for our client. This will cover his medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and help to alleviate the fact that he will have to live with the residual effects of his injuries.

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