Car crashes are often incredibly stressful experiences, and dealing with insurance companies can be just as, if not more, stressful than the wreck itself. The insurance company’s investigation can take as little as several days or as long as several months to complete.

There are a few reasons why the car insurance claim can be a convoluted process. The first is that the companies are doing what they can to protect themselves against car insurance fraud. In order to do this, they must go through the complicated process of assuring that those filing claims and any third-party bystanders can provide evidence.

They will follow up by sending an adjuster to inspect your vehicle. The adjuster acts as an investigator that totals up the approximate price of damages and potential injuries sustained by the one filing the claim. Additionally, the adjuster will gather their own evidence on the cause of the accident and check to see if it matches the story on the claim.

The other reason that filing a claim can be complex is that the insurance company is trying to keep all of the facts straight about the accident. As a result, there can easily be confusion about the cause of the crash and the severity of injuries sustained.

The following will be gathered as evidence in your insurance claim:

  1. Photos of the scene
  2. Photos of the vehicles involved
  3. Contact information of the drivers and witnesses
  4. Police reports

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1. Photos Of The Scene

If you have not sustained life-threatening injuries in the wreck and are in stable condition, you should get out of your car to immediately take pictures of the scene following the wreck. Take photos of the area surrounding the accident from all directions, with close-ups and shots from far away. Get as many angles as possible. If any vehicles involved left skid marks, take photographs of that as well. Take photos of all traffic devices such as cones, stop signs, traffic lights, etc., to point out if someone in the accident blatantly disregarded a traffic control device.

It would also be helpful to take pictures from different points of view within the actual vehicle. For instance, if the driver could not see oncoming traffic coming, but someone in the back passenger seat could, that would be important information to note.

2. Photos Of Vehicles Involved

Photos should be taken of all vehicles involved in the wreck. It is most vital to take pictures of the areas that specifically have damage. Insurance investigators want to see both close-up shots and others from further away. The photos can be used to help insurance companies and juries decipher how the accident took place, how fast the cars were going, and in most cases, who was at fault.

3. Contact Information Of The Drivers And Witnesses

If at all possible, do not let any drivers involved in the accident leave the scene without acquiring their personal information.

In the event of a hit and run, do not go after the other driver. Instead, get the license plate number and call the police.

If the other driver involved in the accident claims they do not have a license with them, ask to see any type of identification. Examples of this could be car registration, an insurance card, or even a credit card.

Third-party witnesses can be extraordinarily helpful in a car accident case. If any bystanders are at the crash scene, ask for their names and phone numbers.

4. Police Reports

If the police are called and report to the accident scene, they will prepare an official statement to provide. You have the absolute right to walk into the corresponding police station and ask for a copy of the report. For all car accident cases, you should always obtain a police report.

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