When you need to obtain compensation for injuries after a negligence-related car accident, causation is one of the most important factors. Causation means that someone else did something that caused the accident to occur, and that accident led to your injuries.

While you want to have a lawyer on your side to prove this, you should know the things you can do to help build a strong case. Below, we’ll detail ways you can prove causation and protect your rights to compensation following a crash.

Photo Evidence

You should take photos of the accident scene, both vehicles’ damages, and all visible injuries. While they may seem like just photos, your lawyer will have resources such as an accident reconstructionist that can use these photos to recreate the accident. Your photos can prove to be a strong and very beneficial resource in your accident claim.

Witness Testimony

You may have the chance to show that the other driver was negligent by using witnesses who may have seen the accident occur. If you can, ask witnesses to provide statements regarding the crash and detail whatever issues they saw.

While you may not be able to show the exact negligence, a witness testimony can still indicate whether someone else caused the crash (e.g., if the witness claims the other driver was speeding).

Police Reports

Law enforcement officers may come to the scene to record statements and create a report regarding your accident. The police report can help you show negligence and create evidence to pursue compensation for your damages. If you are having trouble obtaining a copy of the police report, speak with a lawyer who can help you build the evidence you need to move forward.

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