Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers recently recovered a $200,000 settlement on behalf of a woman who was hit while walking through a Publix parking lot in Gwinnett County. She had the right of way and was walking through a pedestrian crosswalk when she was hit by a vehicle turning left down an aisle. When the car first hit her, she instinctively put out her hand to stop the impact and protect herself. Unfortunately, her hand hit the side mirror and it jerked her shoulder back in an awkward way, causing immediate pain.

She went to go see an orthopedic specialist and was immediately put on work restriction while she attended physical therapy sessions. Ultimately she had to undergo two different surgeries and months of recovery where she was unable to work. All in total, she spent 7 months off the job due to her shoulder injuries.

By proving that her serious injuries were in fact due to the accident in the parking lot, The Kalka Law Group was able to recover a $200,000 settlement to cover the cost of pain, suffering, lost income, and medical treatments.

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