The Kalka Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia has secured yet another great case victory for a car accident client after a trial with a verdict. Our client suffered serious neck, back, and shoulder injuries after being rear-ended by a negligent driver. The responding insurance company offered a minimal amount of damages, which prompted our client to seek the help of Attorney Caroline Owings.

Thanks to her efforts and legal excellence, she was able to take the case to trial and receive a verdict for final damages amounting to three times what the insurer initially offered, and our client was fairly compensated.

Key Details of the Car Accident Case

Mid-March of 2017, our client was driving along GA-120 when the follow of traffic required him to come to a complete stop. The negligent driver insured by the responding insurance company did not pay attention to the traffic around him. He slammed full speed into the back of our client’s car with such force that his vehicle was propelled into the car in front of him, leaving noticeable damage to the front bumper. The rear bumper of our client’s vehicle was crumpled. An officer at the scene of the crash noted our client was not liable at all for the accident, with all of the liability being directed towards the defending driver.

Our client felt strong pain in his neck, shoulder, and back immediately after the collision. Due to the extent of his injuries and the damage done to his vehicle, an ambulance was used to take our client to the hospital for urgent care. He underwent radiology and x-rays to seek the cause of his harm, but an initial diagnosis was unclear. In the following months, our client would undergo multiple follow-ups with further examination techniques and physical therapy.

The final diagnosis towards the end of 2017 found he suffered from tendinopathy, down-sloping acromion, glenohumeral joint effusion, and subacromial and subdeltoid fluid buildups. The total amount of his medical expenses ranged over $10,700.00. We fought for a total compensation amount for his healthcare expenses, as well as an addition $50,000.00 for noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering.

Attorney Caroline Owings was confident in our client’s case and the reasoning behind the demand, as all the evidence was clearly arranged. The responding insurance company offered a minimal amount of compensation, which was inadequate and unacceptable. Attorney Owings continued her case and ultimately secured three times that first offer amount after a two-day trial in Fulton County, Georgia. The jury delivered a plaintiff’s verdict in the amount of 3 times the original offer.

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