If you’ve ever been on the road when it’s windy outside, you know what a hassle driving in it can be. The wind erratically pushes your car around and you have to quickly react and correct the undesirable movements your car experiences caused by strong winds.

According to one study sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration, “Dangerous weather and high wind, in particular, is a common contributing factor in truck crashes.”

Trucks and other types of high-profile vehicles are susceptible to crashes during significant wind episodes. Read on to learn more about truck accidents caused by high winds.

High Winds Can Easily Cause Truck Accidents

Sometimes, even the most experienced truck drivers have trouble navigating their big rigs during episodes of strong winds. However, most skilled drivers know when the weather conditions are unsafe and will pull over in secure areas until the conditions are clear enough for them to continue driving without issue.

The wind can cause truck accidents in a number of ways, including:

  • High-octane wind has the ability to blow objects into the roads, including tree branches, tarps, and other dangerous debris.
  • The wind has the potential to be strong enough to knock over trees, causing hazardous debris to enter the roadways.
  • Vehicles with high and narrow profiles (like oversized vans, trucks, and 18-wheelers) may endure the same experience as trees.
  • Those who are towing, including tow trucks and trailers, might lose control of their cargo, which also causes a loss of vehicular control.
  • Both wind and rain experienced together can devastate power lines and blow transistors, which can easily cloak the roads in darkness at night.

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