After a crash occurs, there are numerous steps you have to take to protect your rights. Unfortunately, this often means dealing with the insurance company to try and recover compensation for damages you may suffer, including money for medical expenses, missed income and earning opportunities, medication, physical therapy, and more.

While you may think that the insurance company is looking out for you and your best interests, this may not always be the case. These are large corporations that primarily focus on keeping profit in their pocket rather than paying out claims, even if they are justified. Because of this, there are many tactics the insurance companies may try to use against you.

If you suffer an injury in an accident, it’s vital to recognize what the insurance companies will try to do to take advantage of your rights during a difficult time. Knowing their tactics is essential to safeguarding your ability to file compensation.

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Delaying A Claim

Early in the process, the insurance company may try to offer you a settlement which covers only a portion of your losses. It’s wise to speak with an attorney before accepting any settlement as it is often much less than you need, and the insurance company knows this. However, because they’re aware of your needs during this time, they’re hoping you’ll accept whatever you were offered.

In an effort to force your hand with regards to accepting the settlement, they may try to delay your claim as much as possible. This means they’re prolonging the investigation of the crash, making it so your medical bills continue to rise, and your need for money becomes increasingly important.

Claiming A Lapse In Coverage

Insurance companies may try to say that there was a lapse in coverage due to non-payment or other problem, thus making it so you are not able to recover through the claim with the insurance company. It’s important for individuals to recognize what the policy says and ensure there’s knowledge of your coverage and that of the other driver.

Requesting A Recorded Statement

The insurance company may try to reach out to you many times soon after the accident, and they may try to get you to provide a recorded statement regarding the accident. Of course, they’ll tell you that the call is being recorded for quality and training purposes, and while it’s half true, it’s not the sole purpose for recording it.

They want to be able to look back at your recorded statement and your initial report to determine if there is any way that they can devalue your claim. They’ll try hard to find any statements that put your recollection of the accident into question or invalidate your claim.

Before you submit any kind of recorded statement, know that you can have your lawyer there to help you during this time. The insurance adjuster wants to save money, and they’re not going to record your statement for your benefit.

Denying Liability

Georgia is a fault-based state, meaning you’re going through the responsible driver’s insurance provider to obtain compensation. However, despite fault, insurance companies are quick to deny liability (either completely or partially) if it means they can pay out less in compensation.

For instance, if you’re in a rear-end collision where another driver crashes into you, the insurance company may try to claim that you were distracted and had to brake suddenly. Then, the other driver crashed into you. This may remove some of the liability of their policyholder, limiting the amount of compensation you may recover.

Failing To Cover A Portion Of Your Recovery

Of course, after an accident, you may need medical treatment and more to recover from any health problems you may have encountered in the crash. You would hope that the insurance company would help you to cover these expenses. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster may try to dispute some of the medical bills or specific treatment, claiming that it doesn’t fall under the coverage.

They’ll use this to delay the payment further, making it so you need compensation even more. The longer the insurance company can delay your claim, the more likely they feel you’ll accept the settlement.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business of making money. If they have to pay out on every claim they receive, they’ll quickly find themselves at a loss when it comes to profit. Because of this, you should make sure you have your rights and options protected by a legal professional who knows how to safeguard your best interests.

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