While any road can be dangerous when negligence is present, there are some throughout Atlanta that have proven to be more dangerous than others. There are numerous reasons for this, though, and it’s vital for you to recognize the potential dangers and the roads where you must be most vigilant.

The I-75

This is one of the most dangerous highways in all of Georgia. Between 2015 and 2017, in the summer months alone, there were a total of 111 fatal car accidents. This topped the next highest highway by double the amount.

The next two highest fatal highways include the I-20 (55 fatalities in the summer months between 2015 and 2017) and the I-16 (35 fatalities in the same time frame). The I-95 is also near the top of the list, but it is also one of the most dangerous highways in eight different states.

The GA 400

If you have never heard about the McLaren stop on the GA 400, know that officers stopped the vehicle after it topped out at speeds reaching 155 miles per hour. The fastest overall speed on the GA 400? A motorcycle going 163 miles per hour.

It’s these speeds that make the GA 400 one of the most dangerous. Sadly, our firm has seen many instances in which individuals take advantage of this road, and when they do, they can cause severe and catastrophic injuries.

Piedmont And Pharr Intersection

Where these two streets, there are often car collisions due to high speeds and lack of specific traffic signals. Unfortunately, there are also countless drivers and large postal trucks that pose potential dangers as they try to merge or turn.

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