Traveling northbound on Haw Creek Parkway in Forsyth County, our client was driving through a green light like normal when she was T-boned by a negligent driver who ran their red light. Our client is a sympathetic 80 year old woman who suffered a broken leg, broken pelvis and broken collar bone as a result of the accident. Three witnesses confirmed that the other car did in fact run his red light and was at fault for the collision.

Our client is still recovering from her serious injuries now over six weeks after the accident. She is receiving ongoing care from Chestnut Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation and is unable to walk without assistance.

By proving reckless behavior on the part of the other driver, The Kalka Law Group was able to obtain a $200,000 settlement for our client. This will cover her medical expenses and help her get back on her feet, allowing her and her family to focus on her recovery.

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