Experiencing any collision can be daunting. Unfortunately, it’s not something many people prepare for, which could mean you’re left trying to figure out what to do when it happens. You want to have a few different things in your vehicle in the event a crash occurs.

Your Insurance Information

If you have ever looked at your insurance card or policy, there is often the advice that you should always have your insurance information in your vehicle or your possession. If you’re involved in a crash, you need to exchange this information with the other driver. Without your insurance information on you, it can create several issues.

A Second Camera

While you may have a cellphone, what happens if the battery dies? A second camera can help you document the accident scene, the other driver’s insurance information, and any other details that help to strengthen your claim.

Flashlight And Indicators

If your accident occurs at night, you want to have indicators—such as flares or reflectors—and a flashlight to be visible to other vehicles. A flashlight can also help you see insurance information clearly to get the right information to start your claim.

A List Of Contacts

You want to know who to contact after the crash occurs. Having phone numbers and a list of the parties you should contact—such as law enforcement and your insurance provider—is vital to helping your claim after a crash.

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