In 2015, there were over 6 million car accidents reported in the nation. That is more than 11 crashes every minute. In many of these instances, the parties involved are quick to point the finger at each other, blame one another for the crash, and race to report the accident in hopes of holding the other party accountable.

While this is most often the case and negligent drivers are found liable all the time, did you know there are many incidents in which neither party involved in an accident is to blame? In some cases, there are third parties that hold a majority of the liability.

How Does A Third Party Cause A Car Accident?

Third-party liability in a car accident is most often the situation of a defective product. This can include those involving brake failure, airbag defects, steering system problems, tire blowouts, and more. The guilty party is a manufacturer or retailer who provided the consumer with the faulty part.

For instance, imagine driving in traffic. You speed up to move forward behind a vehicle and they start to brake. You go to hit your brakes, but they don’t work (brake failure). Instead of stopping, you run right into the car in front of you. Neither driver is at fault if it can be shown the brakes were defective or that the party who installed the brakes did so improperly.

What Factors Exist In Product Liability?

Proving product liability after a car accident means showing that the product had a problem, there was a design defect with the part, or the manufacturer or retailer knew of the problem and still sold it to the consumer.

Once you prove negligence on behalf of a manufacturer or retailer, you can take action against them for their contribution to the crash. In these situations, legal action may be available for both parties injured in the car accident because both would be considered victims of the defect.

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